Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend in Korea

This was my very first Thanksgiving away from family and loved ones. I thought I would be lonely and homesick, but those feelings were no where to be found. Apparently in Korea, Thanksgiving = Americans getting EXTREMELY drunk. What happened to giving thanks. I guess celebrated the subjugation of an Indigenous people is played in 09. However I did meet up with some fellow expat teachers at my local watering hole for a potluck dinner. After a long day of work and and tutoring, not to mention being hungover and running on 4 hours or sleep I popped in to my neighborhood Dunkin Donuts and picked up a cake. ( that was not a typo, I did get a cake from DD) In true Korean ( gift with purchase ) style, I received a spectacular snow hat complete with bear muffs. Of course my boo Eliana was the recipient of such a wonderful hat..."she's cute, she can pull it off!"  We had a blast a Psycho, now you know usually I'm not into food prepared by others but I figured " Hey you eat unknown Korean food everyday... how bad can it be?' Turkey and mashed potaotes with chopsticks... and Thanksgiving in Korea wouldn't have been complete without a Soju cocktail. After throwing back a few drinks with the girls, the bar top dancing, dart tournaments, and random conversations with strange boys commenced.Overall, not your average Thanksgiving dinner  but definitely good times.

On Saturday the girls and I made a day of in Myeongdong doing a little shopping. It almost seemed like a normal American weekend minus the yelling Koreans and the faint smell of rice cakes and oyster sauce. That night we got all dolled up in our new duds and hits the streets of Itaewon. First Kate and I started off at Geckos waiting for Eli. Side note:  for some reason, I seem to attract strange white men. I don't know what about me says " Hey Bobby, come talk to me... I want to ski the slopes" . So Kate and I developed a rule " * No Nigerian men.... unless you're seriously hard up , and if a socially akward white man hits on one of us, we have to take a shot". Not two minutes had past after putting our pact into action, did a white man with what seemed like a bad perm came over to me wide eyed and fondeling my hand saying " Can I have some of your drink?" and winked at me. I'm sure this was supposed to be cute and smooth but he just came over creepy. " Is that shot #1 " Kate says. I shake my head in agreement. After make a lap around the bar and avoiding gawking Nigerian men Kate and I come across " Texas"...slurring his words as he talks to me " Yuuuurrr....prreeeetty..What are yoooouuu drinkin?  (Insert hiccup here!)" After a few minutes of conversation Kate holds up 2 fingers behind him, indicating now it's 2 shots. I shake my head and continue to be entertained this akward man. Thankfully,Eli arrived and we make a B line for the door as quickly as possible. Then off to Helios and UN where I'm guessing the unattractive men got in for free because they were out in abundance that night. I would go into further detail about the night's events however I dont want to incriminate myself or others involved.Sjl... However copious amounts of alcohol were had and all I know is I ended up having a " find me in da club" photo shoot with an elderly Korean man ( see my FB page it's hillarious) and a young Korean girl told me that she was " the bisexual" and asked if she could be my " Bust it baby" ... Really though? Ummm she watches way too many Plies videos. So with asian turkeys, drinking with my fellow Americans, Korean photo shoots and a whole lot of ridiculousness with my girls I have to say it was good times! You gotta love the randomness of it all.
This definitely wasn't your mom's Thanksiving...It's Korea baby, anything can happen.

Confucius say:   Thanksgiving  in Korea is like a box of chocolates...you never know what you're gonna get!

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