Sunday, December 20, 2009

Korea Uncovered...

So remember when I told you that I attract weirdos...apparently this attraction crosses cultural boundaries,because the other day on the train a strangee Korean man taps me on my shoulder, smiles and hands me a piece of candy. I nod say thank you in Korean and turn back to my conversation with Kate. Now my mom always told me never take candy from strangers, and I should have listened. The candy was merely a ploy to open the door for endless questions and conversation. Damn! I've been hosed! Note to self: Never accept candy from seemingly friendly Koreans or make eye contact more than 5 seconds. Otherwise you are in store for unwanted langauge exhangee. So as I turn back to Kate cracking up as this man is eyeballing me. A seat on the train opens up, he offers it to me and I decline. He pats the seat as if I didnt understand the gesture the first time. "aniyo"  I say as he reaches for my hand. ( looks like we're going to have to have a personal space talk!) So after sitting down he hands me his "business card" and repeatedly asks for my phone number in Korean. I pretend I dont understand. ( Is this old korean man really trying to get wit it?) With our destination only two stops away Kateuh and I laugh at the ridiculousness. He then says in his best English " Playboy", then points to himself then to me.."What?...Playboy?" what does that mean. This old man has read one Playboy too many.Oh ...right on time there was our stop. Kateuh and I made a B-line for the door. Really though? I always attract the strangee ones.
Shopping in Myeongdong is always a good time. Kateuh and I hit up the shops, haggling for some wonderful Korean finds. " My Korean shoe game is tight" says Kateuh as she picks up some seriously sparkly black pumps and then another pair of black flat with 3 applicaque  flower complete with rhinestones. "Oh Kateuh you have been in the Korea too long my"  I follow by " Yeah it is...tight just like my Korean head game... PAUSE... let me rephrase my Korean hair accessory game" Gotta love Korean head bands and hair accesories., always soo cute, sparkly and so much fun! Speaking of Korean style the other day when veggin out after work,  Kateuh asks me " Do I dress Korean?" She had on a black baby doll mini, tights, ballerina flats, a pink and gold graphic tee, and an electric blue hoodie. Really Kate? You need to ask...but I really cant talk I had on a salmon colored button with flowers on it under a vertically striped blue and white shirt , jeans and chucks and a purple hoodie. And the sad part is no one even looks sideways, if anything we get " Oh Eepoohdawh!" from co-workers...Oh Korea!
Saturday night out with the girls was a blast as usual. Copious amounts of drinking so that I don't ralize my feet are killing me in my almost 3 inch high Guess heels. The girls and I were bagbin babies,why do I always attract the young ones? Where's the 25+ crowd been at lately? Once my little friends get their permission slips signed by their moms, and brush the Similac smell out their mouth, we can hang out. Maybe when I get back from Thailand , they'll be some in my age bracket..
So now we are in the home stretch my much anticipated trip to Thailand is merely days away! I cant believe I'm really going. It's such a surreal feeling when your dreams come true. Snorkeling, going on safari, lounging on the beach, finding my inner Buddhist, rocking out @ the Full Moon party , night canoing, and drinks with a monkey named Steve what better a Christmas gift could I give to myself? The ladies and I fly out Christmas morning. It's soo close yet so far away. So until then I'll be packing my bags and counting down the hours.

Confucious say: swimming in the kiddie pool has its perks in deed, but becareful you might end up with a man-child  to feed.


  1. Christmas in Thailand...really! I look forward to the pic's and future blogs.

    Okay, strangee is too funny Ms. Langauge!

    Have a great christmas vacation and enjoy!
    Reconnect with you in 2010.


  2. know my korean shoe game is tight! don't hate, participate. it's more fun and the tippany i know likes to have fun. how do you make something fun even more fun, you ask? sequins. lots and lots of sequins.