Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lava los manos por favor

Dear Korea,
We need to talk! I know those are the three words no one wants hear...but seriously! I'd like to take a minute to talk about hygiene. Now I know everyone does things differently when it comes to personal hygiene however, hand washing is a NECESSITY. I don't know about you, but I have a list of times I think are appropriate for this function.
  1. before and after eating
  2. after using the bathroom
  3. after blowing your nose and coughing
  4. before and after ( sometimes while) preparing food (espcially for others)
Ok so now that we've established the appropriate times, let me just pose this question : Why do some (and by saying some it is a gross understatement, but I dont know all Koreans so I will stick with some)Koreans only sparinyly adhere to #1? This is No Bueno. Then people wonder why the Shin Jun Flu is spreading like wild fire. Sorry, if I hurt your feelings sweetheart, but if I dont tell you, who will.
Caution: If you are a germaphobe, trust me Korea is NOT the place for you. Most times I ignore the sometimes unsanitary behavior however when you offer me dak and you've molested it with your unwashed hands, then I smile and decline. And people look at me crazy when I pick up food with my hands. What!?!? I wash my hands frequently, thank you very much. The never of some people.If we are going to continue you must change your ways.


P.s. Hand sanitizer does not count!

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  1. Really.... hand sanitizer can never replace soap and H2O! Thank you for the health session.