Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Half Year mark! Asaaaaa!

So in a few hours I will be starting my 6th month in Korea. I can't believe half a year has passed by so quickly. I blinked and the weeks flew by. I can say that yes, I do miss family and friends, but this was indeed the best decision. I needed some redirection in my life. It's strange to look back and see my old life. It seems so foreign. It's hard to believe that was me, because  now  I feel like like more like myself than I've ever been.
I always said that living overseas, I am the best version of myself. I truly believe that. I become more Korean each day, and with each crazy ensemble worn or Korean phrase uttered, a little piece of the American me dies. But as Kate would say or rather sing " and I'm proud to be an American!" I love my homeland but living there just isn't for me. My life has changed soo much and I love every minute of it. I wake up excited about the adventure that awaits me...well, I'm excited after I have breakfast and a cup of coffee. I have no regrets about packing up my life and moving to the other side of the world. Friends and family are only a skype call, email or plane ride away! Thank you to those who have already visited. It has meant A LOT to me, and I'm excited for those who have made plans to vist this coming Summer and Fall :) I must admit I do miss being a part of my friends' and family's everyday life :) Please,don't forget about me! I promise to continue to Skype once a week!
I'm so busy with work, tutoring, Korean class and living, that I sometimes neglect my blog. I will try to be better about that! Know that I am loving my life and enjoy living it every moment of it! I wish this kind of happiness to all my friends and loved ones in SoKo and stateside. 사 랑 해 요!

Lots of love and digital hugs,
티 파 니

Ps. If life gives you a chance...Take it. If it changes your life...let it!

Click, click!

I have decided that there are soo many ridiculous things that I miss photographing because I'm too busy laughing.
 So my new resolution is to photograph first ask questions later. I can not continue to let these golden moments pass by without documentation, because sometimes my recollection and storytelling does them no justice. There was never a truer word spoken than " A picture is worth a thousand words". Just in case you were wondering if my Fuji camera would, cut it... well, it wont. I'm going to be real Korean about it and get the most ridiculous camera ever, and play "Photo shoot" whenever possible :)
Another moment I wish I would have captured: The not so sober subway studier
Last night on my way back from Korean class, as I exited the train car, and passed other open cars I saw a young man sitting Indian style on the train car floor right in front of the door with his notebook and various study papers sprawled out on the floor in front of him. To add to this ridiculousness, he had the nerve to have a beer in his lap. "It's late, I'm kinda tired, but never too late to open a beer and have a study session on the train!" Now study rooms are quite prominent in Korea. Only a few thousand Won for a couple of hours. I guess this guy figured, that he'd better get his 1300 Won worth of this train ride and bust out his study materials. I know Koreans use the transit system for many things such as selling various items, watching tv and social sleeping, but now the train is a mobile impromptu study room. Nice! Good job on use of multi-functional spaces Korea!

Confucius say : On the train, when the need to study is without a doubt clear push the adjumma aside and open a beer!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Do you know the Story?

Dear Korea,

You know I love you but I have to ask...
What is your obessession with calling everything a story.
I've seen shirts with kittens saying "delicious story" or "happy story". There's the infamous Storyway train stop snack shop,  and most notebook covers are printed with some kind of animal, fruit, love, memory, or friend story.
I even saw a restaurant named "Noodle Story" but it was definitely a chicken and beer place. I'm not sure about the Korean compulsion to deem everything a story. It's amusing if nothing else.
I've seen a number of stores with the word story in the name. Is it just to make the name cutesy? I thought  maybe they just added a "y" , like when my students say class was funny instead of fun.
On my way home on night I came across this....
"Gag Story" Mart. I thought it had to be a comedy shop but that seemed unlikely because from my personal experience, Koreans don't have much in the ways of a sense of humor. Looking closely I saw it was  a diner/covenience store. Never would I eat there, let alone buy food from a place called "Gag Story" Mart.
Well I'm not interested in any Gag Stories or Delicious Stories  but I'm always up for a good laugh.
And for that I thank you.

 티 파니 선 생 님

Ps. Cats? A Delicious Story? I have to wonder if the old myth about cats isn't true