Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cabbies, Corporal Punishment, and a box of Chocolates

Sometimes you just have to laugh when ridiculous things happen. For instance, when I got in a cab this weekend and in my best Korean I give the cabbie directions and sat back. Two stop lights away he comes to a fierce stop and screams at me asking if I have money in Korean. Do I have money?  Now usually I would just looked stunned but instead I  responded  in a few choice words that I've learned from my friend Kateuh followed by " Go!" as we come up to my turn off and I'm screaming " O rhun-jok...Caiyo... Yogeo! He misses the turn all together, I scream " Yogeo" once again. Now I've had it... I shove the 3,000 won in his hand, the cabbie frustrated is supposed to have me 800 won back, but in his tizzy he give me back 3,800. See... that's what you get asshole! Maybe next time you'll  not be in such a rush and make fare instead of paying me to ride. I am satisfied with this karmic justice. As I slam the door and laugh I think " Maybe I'll buy a Demisoda with my newly accquired 800 won".
Of course most my Korean experiences, have been quite on the up and up, occasionally I have a road bump or two, but no worries I smile and laugh to myself  T.I.K:)  The weeks seem to fly by, it's midway through December! I blink and it will be Christmas.
Breaking News: As I'm sitting in the teachers' office I see one of my co-workers whack female two students repeatedly on the back of the legs with a plastic rod. Amidst the teenage whimpers and laughter of my colleagues, I lean of to one of my co-teacher and ask why this corporal punishment is being co-teacher thinks about the translation sucks her teeth and says " because she got the perm". Wait you get beat for a couple of curls? Attempting to hold back my giggles, I ask " why?". My co-teacher then tells me that they broke the dress code by getting perms. Wow...I'm definately rethinking the effectiveness of corporal punishment in public schools.
Well let  me just say this past weekend was full of unexpected surprises.Friday night out at Pyscho for one drink ended in an all night/ morning affair with meeting random people, and great conversation over drinks.As my friend Tina would say " you've talked to 90% of the bar", sooo I'm a social butterfly.. I cant help it. It's in my nature.Adding random people's numbers to my phonebook, I probably wont remember half of them in the morning, but what the hell :)Definitely unexpected but oh so good times.
Saturday night out with the ladies, Kateuh and I were matchy match, and have ceased to be seperate partying entities and I will henceforth refer to us as Kiffany when talking about out dual shannanigans. From strangee Africans in "dresses" with Hennesey bottles, shirtless out of shape Americans walkin it out, and a ridiculous"Savage", the night was an all around blast. Last night me and the girls hit up a Basketball game, and Anyang won! Hwai Ting!  Once before I mentioned that Korea was like a box a chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get. It's so true! But I'm excited about the never ending developments in my life.  As I sit here enjoying a steaming piece of "dak", muching away on my sweet ricecake I'm reminded of how Korean I'm becoming. A little piece of the American me dies each day.I laugh to myself  T.I.K.

Confucius say: Never let a savage in your back door or put too much kimchi love in your cart with your sanity you will surely part

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  1. The pics you insert with each blong are so funny. Can't wait to visit South Korea and take a CAB ride...