Wednesday, December 1, 2010

지독한 외국인 :Waguk Syndrome

one goes out to all my wonderful 외국인
This post has been a long time coming, I figured now is good a time as any! I wanted to talk to you about the weirdos here! Sometimes I'm not even sure how some of these people made from their respective countries, but most importantly America.They actually issued you a passport? I've heard the term LBH ( losers back home), amd TTW ( too weird for the west)I'm no expert but I 've met quite a few. Let just say I'm underwhelmed.  I don't even know where to begin with my disappointment in my fellow waguks. I'm sure I've ranted about  something like this before. But no, seriously. It's not just the lack of acknowledgment on the street but the actual making plans with people and people not showing up. NEWFLASH! That's RUDE! Don't be REAL Korean about and say " Oh thats just Korea!" No, that's UNACCEPTABLE! I mean c'mon what happened to socual etiquette? People just because you're in another country and they may treat you like "you're not the real person" at times doesnt mean you should behave as such. It's like " Better not say hi or act like the real person...dont want to lok stupid!" Okay douche bag! I'm thoroughly not impressed. I've passed my year mark in Korea, you'd think this wouldn't bother me anymore. Well guess what ? It does! I'm the real person ~ I was talking to a friend today about this situation and she gave me some insight
"Korea is like that ... many ppl are smelling themselves here... pretending that they are someone when back home they are no one. Its like college when freshman year people try to reinvent themselves until someone lets them know," hey you're not that important".  We're ALL here living in Korea. We've all had similar experiences, we've all traveled, and we've all taken a leap and decided to live and work here.So get a grip.
I've even heard the oldie but goodie" just because they're a foreigner and I'm a foreigner doesn't mean we should be friends." That's true but who says that? I'll tell you who douchebags, weirdos , social retards incapable of making real connections with people. The best one is " I'd rather go hang out with my Korean friends"  to this one I just nod and laugh. Really though? You're Korean friends? We're in Korea we ALL have Korean friends. And Ps. langauge exchange, hanging out in hopes of tapping into your sexual promescuity or using you to practice English posing is not a FRIENDSHIP! Just a little FYI! Anyways as foreigners we all go through it. But I'd like to take a moment and talk about the South African community here in SoKo. It's HUGE! They have outings, dances, and braais galore! I am the envy! Geez even the Canadians have a community here aye!. Nope not the Americans. It's unfortunate because we make up something like a little more than half of the teachers her in Korea.  You came to Korea  a new experience, so let it be just that. Open your youself up and experience life here with Korean and fellow foreigners.
C'mon take moment, step off the asshole train, and be REAL people. Just a thought! Until next time...

Confucius say: Of weirdo wayguks you must beware do like the rest, when in a confined space intetionally avoid their stare!