Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Lolita Syndrome

 So in my university years I'd been known to wear a few questionable outfits in the past. I am no stranger to cleavage. I am mean I really can;t be with DD's. becuase even the most innocent dress can be tranformed into a club dress by my ample bosom.

As an educator my attire has been curbed siginifigantly into chic yet slightly conservative pieces.
But Korea has taken my conservative attire to a whole new level. Anything short of a turtleneck has made me feel like a harlet. V neck shirts have been traded in for crew necks and cardigans. Which is more of a hassel then anything in the warmer months.
And yet my Korean counter parts, who suffer severly from what I will call the "Lolita Syndrome". If you're unfamiliar, this is when grown women wear clothing obviously meant for young girls under the age of 12. Bows, all things lace, short and even a baby voice to boot. These self proclaimed innocent women garb themselves in"dresses" that are really shirts,belts masquerading as skirts, and  shorts that might as well be underwear, paired with four inch stripper heels. Where's Humbert Humbert when you need him?
God forbid I go bare-legged in the summer months or better yet show my arms. The Korean double standard rears its big ugly head. I get sneers and gawking stares not only from old Koreans but half naked Korean women.
 I'm pretty sure I just saw that girl's pubes hanging from her jean shorts. But I'm the whore?
It's gotten so bad that just this morning I was deciding what dress I should wear. I put on my favorite Morrocan inspired knee length dress , beige tank, a black cardi and my blue bejeweled shoes.  I made it 10 steps out the door,feeling the brush of the wind on my freshly shaved legs I ran back inside and put on a pair of black tights. It's official. Korea has gotten to me. Ashamed to go bare-legged. What have I become?

Oh the shame....

Confucius says: If foreign legs,be bare and out for show  a man will ask "Hey you Lussia?" 얼마죠?