Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's just the little things...

Dear Korea,

I love you for all the little things. Like the little old ladies who push you on the would I be wrong if I pushed her back? Not in Korea... the concept of excuse me is so far removed, that I asked my co-teacher one day if I was saying the Korean phrase for excuse me right and she repsonded with " don't worry I never use it, you wont either". Gotta love it. Today I love you most  for your ridiculous television shows...
For instance yesterday I was flipping through the channels and I found the EBS ( Education Broadcasting Station) and I found a show where a plump Austrailian man in a full Chef Boyardee getup was speaking fluent Korean, in which he breaks down cheesy Korean pop songs into a English lesson. Now the the show's called Cooking English or so is the rough translation, however... his set is a faux kitchen and yet he never cooks anything. Thoughout the show mini muscal montages flash on the screen of a Korean pop group. This video can only be explained by mixing a bad  version of LL Cool J's "I need love" with  The Backstreet Boys " Bye, Bye, Bye"
Huh? Yeah that's right....make no mistake about it, it was utterly and totally ridiculous. Sounding like the Koringlish version of N'Sync... singing  lyrics like" giiiirllllll be up on dis , gimme a kiss...Oooooh c'mon we raisin da roof" Oh I should have wrote the rest down so you could get the full affect. Wait.. it's not over! So then it flashes back to "the chef", where he stops kneading his prop dough and holds up a frying pan , and inside is the phrase reads " you be up on dis"  then in his Aussie accent " the chef" explains " up on this" as " being all over me" Really? After which  it swtiches back to the "pop/rap song" , and then magically " the chef " has a basket of plastic bread on the table. I'm curious as to why they even need the faux food. But hey it's Korea... I dont ask questions. Believe me when I say my desrciption does it no justice, I was in tears laughing. If I can find a link to the episode I will most surely post it. For ridiculous shows like this Korea I will continue to love and cherish the EBS.


Ps. just curious as to why Korean pop groups consist of 9-14 members? since when  is 5 not enough?

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  1. Before I read the P.S. I was thinking the same thing!! Why is there a football team of the same looking guys complete with different color hair to figure out who's who among the korean pop group....HEEE!