Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Do you know....?

Dear Korea,

Over the past few weeks I've noticed that my Korean co-workers ask me very strangee questions. For instance, the other day my co-teacher and I were sharing breakfast. Which is very common in among Koreans. ( Sharing something only meant for one person) But I digress, we were "sharing " a breakfast treat  that she brought us from Dunkin Donuts, when I asked her what kind of muffin it was,( yes it was fairly large) and she responded "the sweet corn", " I like it, I responded. " Oh yeah?" she says surprised,followed by " do you know the Dunkin Donuts?" Really? Do I know the Dunkin Donuts? Their slogan is  " American runs on Dunkin"...lol I chuckle, smile and say " Yes... I know the Dunkin Donuts". Another time a fellow teacher hands me five Oreos...suprised to see my favorite cookies here in Korea! "Oh... tah-dah-hee kamsamnida!" I say." Do you like?" she asks " Noh mu Mashisoyo " I respond... once again it is  followed by  " Do you know the Oreo?" I cant help but laugh out loud. Slogan: America's favorite cookie! That's like me saying "Do you know the rice cake?"
I will start compiling a " Do you know...." list to be posted at a later date.


P.s. .J ust thought I should mention, I also know the Baskin Robbins(not Baskin Lobbins), the Krispy Kreme, the KFC, the McDonalds, the Starbucks and any other AMERICAN franchise here in Korea!

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