Wednesday, December 2, 2009

On the train

Dearest Korea,

Being such a tech savvy country, you have wowed me with the cutest technologically advanced gadgets and machines. From my Hello Kitty T-Money fob to paper clip sized USB sticks. So many efficient little machines I dare to think how I lived without you for so many years. But at what point does tecnology become a hinderance. Some say technology has alienated us as humans and made some of us incapable of true human contact with one another. We've become a society tech whores and junkies.Now you no longer have to be without your tech fix, you can upload, download, email and surf  on the at work, walking to the coffee shop, even on the train. Speaking of the train....Korea your abundance of portable tech gadgets has enabled every Korean young, and old to have a cell phone or portable device on the train.Today I saw a man with wireless head phones watching a soccer game on his phone hands-free which by with a few stratgically placed magnets, his phone was fixed the train door frame as he rode.Oh yes... but it didnt stop there apparently that wasn't good enough, he wanted to make sure the whole train car could watch. After four stops he pulls out an even bigger screen, pulls a couple pieces of double stick adhesive from a roll handing from his back pack( this tells me, he does this quite often) He puts the adhesive on the back of the screen and swaps his phone for the bigger screen. Really...He couldn't just wait until he got home to watch a  drama?
Oh how Korea how I love you...sending you digital kisses.


Ps. Maybe I need to get some magnets for my phone, so I can watch Korean TV hands free!


  1. Really! wide screen on the train for all to view...gotta love technology. However, I am a big fan of human contact, with techno as my sidekick.

    Love the pic and enjoy South Korea Tiff.


  2. girl, you crack me up. we should be friends in real life. actually, i think we prolly already know a few of the same people... it's a small expat community.