Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This aint no Mistrel show

Dear Korea,

Today something came up in conversation. I tried to be my usual self and let your ignorant homoginized country point of view comments roll off my shoulders but ... I simply cannot. It's still irking me. As you all know I'm a fun loving individual  and always up for a good time, however...when a fellow teacher who I never speak to asked me if I wanted to be a "special guest " at the winter festival, I asked ...doing what? " you dance" he replied. "Dancing? "I asked. Now he's never sat in on one of my lectures to witness my dancing so where would he draw this conclusion from? Maybe Yo MTv Rap? I looked to Ms. Kim to make sure I got the translation correctly... " he wants to know if I'll dance on stage at the winter festival?" Oh the old " Oh you're black, you can sing and dance right?" She shakes her head in agreeance.
Ok so the I pulled back the curtain and there is the wizard staring me in my face. I've heard stories of Korean racism but had yet to experience it. Tadaaaaaaa....says the sambo in my head. " You sho nuff be dancin!"
Infuriated I pulled a page from Kate's book, with my middle finger in the " hey fuck you postion" tucked neatly away in my sweater pocket. I smile ever so kindly and say " Oh, really? Me can do"
But the real black woman in me wanted to say " listen here you Korean John Travolta wanna be, if you ever say something soooo ridiculuos to me again I'll show you what I learned working in the hood in South Philly!"
He continues smile and smile pleasantly back as I hope he chokes on his gimbap.
 As I rub my earlobes and " wooosah"  and think happy thoughts , calm my nerves, and say "these things are bound to happen... don't let it get to you" I shake my head T.I.K.
So Korea needless to say I am less than anamored with you today. But I wont hold it against you... you dont know any better. A little jaded but ok, I exhale and let it go.


Ps. Korea today... you are NOT the awesome

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