Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Twas the night before take off...

 Twas the night before take off and all the house...not another item could fit not even a blouse...
So, it's the night before and I'm a sea of ambiguity. I'm excited about my impending flight, however I'm worried that I'm not nervous. A week from now somewhere in a market  in South Korea, will freak out and have some outlandish panic attack, or is this just the natural progression of things in my new life? All packed and ready to go! OMG .. I just realized I left Fivel in Rochester...he's been my constant travel buddy for 24 yrs. I cant believe he wont be coming to Korea with me.( yes I do mean the stuffed mouse from American Tale) I just had an awesome meal prepared by one of my besties. How lucky am I? As the sleepiness from my meal sets in,  I am a little sad that I didn't get to see a few people before leaving, but time constraints didn't allow maximum chillage.
After talking with my other Dominican mother, she informs me that she can weigh and  repack my bags. I jump at the opportunity. She proceeds to pull out a silver boiling pot w/ strainer attached and sets its atop a bathroom scale. Still confused, with a skeptical  eye I watch as she puts my luggage n top of the pot and weighs my luggage. " 75 lbs" she says. She then flips my bag over, opens it, and starts to unbox cold medicine, toothpaste, tampons and other miscellaneous toiletries. After which she repacks the bag in a orderly and intricate fashion so that every item has its own space, then opens up a couple of bar of soap and says " the soap makes your luggage smell nice!". The guru zips the bag and puts it back of the handmade weighing contraption and it reads 68 lbs! Eureka!!! As I watch this packing master at work on my next two bags, shifting, packing and stuffing I take careful note of her packing secrets. That's how it's done in D.R!
She's a professional ladies and gentlemen, don't try this at home!  If you are interested in her services, please drop me line and I will forward your information:)
n the spirit of change,we then decided to take my measurements, because every girl needs a pre-Korean diet size up...let's just say the results were less than desirable. So...30 days from today I'll measure again and see how the Korean diet affects my waist size. Trading in the burgers for bulgogi and the chips for kimchi.
Tonight has been full of surprises and useful information. I look forward to knocking out on the 14 hour plane ride. Next time you hear from me I'll be Korea bound.

Confucius say: well packed luggage is like money in the bank, if you are broke a Dominican mother you can thank


  1. It sounds like Nana has some competition on the packing front!?!

  2. Fivel was inforemed of your safe arrival in South Korea:). Everything is kool on his end, but he has requested a post card; see what you can do to work this out for him!

    Yes, she is the "Guru" of packing!