Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Spaces...

So, today I went by my classroom. They are diligently remodeling a some what dated space. After the contractors left my assistant teacher shows me a digital image of what my remolded classroom will look like. Sure, I expected some new desks, a white board and a few computers. But I was blown away by the design. In a month's time I will have the swankiest state of the art classroom in Sungmoon Middleschool. This room will be equpped with a smart board, computer lounge, "English Cafe" for instruction , drop down theme boards for roleplay along with new tables for group conversation work and a study space. What more could a foreign teacher ask for? I know my students are going to love it. I cant wait! My assistant tacher Ms. Kim informs me that this is my space and she hopes I like it. Hopes I like? Well knock me over with a feather.
After work today Ms. Kim and Mr. Kang are coming over to the apartment for tea and giving me a tutorial on how to use my rice cooker and washing machine. My co-workers are ever so helpful. I can't imagine getting this kind of support in America from my fellow teachers. My V.P. Who has a mini green house over near his desk gives me a house warming present today. He hands me a plant in a traditional Korean vase. I thank him gratuitously in Korean and start thinking where I'm going to put it in my apartment. Taedanhi Kamsahamnida!
Knowing how hard my students work during their school day I asked my V.P. if I could start an Art Club for a few students three days a week after my normal class schedule. He and Ms. Kim are very excited by this and say it would be a wonderful addition and  tell me they will talk it over with the Principal. This day is turning out to be full of surprises. I'm off to prepare for my last advanced English class of the day. Today we will be exploring Haiku.
                                                Teach in Korea
                                      Life becomes better each day  
                                             Never coming home                                                                     
Confucius say: Never send an American with extreme Wanderlust to live overseas one may only ever see her again via Skype.


  1. I'm so happy that you are enjoying yourself.. it makes it so much easier to feel welcome with the natives being so nice! I am planning a group trip in April for recess, hope you have room for us to sleep on your heated floor! The week of April 19th... I have to figure out skype so we can talk. love ya

    love ya boo!

  2. Art Club...what a nice way to reinforce application of English skills. You are so big time NOW....people booking trips to KOREA in advance...lol enjoy tea for three!


  3. Im glad he didnt get you an orchid!?! Lol

  4. You are such a great blogger! Rachel and I have been enjoying your amazing adventures thoroughly. Can't wait for more hilarious and interesting writings.