Saturday, October 24, 2009

In Korea you can do what you want...

So as I sit down on my bed and reflect on the past 2 days I laugh at all the ridiculousness that has occurred.Some people say when it comes to Korea, you either love it or hate. Let me just say I love it! The people, the culture, the scenery and of course the food. And speaking of food let me share with you my most recent visit to E-Mart for groceries and home goods. After deciding that my baby fridge was empty and pitiful, my Korean friend Bella and I took the 20 minute stroll to E-Mart. It is unlike an other shopping experience you will ever have. Four floors of commercial bliss, from three piece suits , kimchi freezers to waffles. You want it..E-Mart's got it! You walk in to this super saver haven and you are greeted with sample girls in cute little 60's mod outfits complete with bell bottom leg warmers urging you to try some product. Then onto to the lower level supermarket... I shouldn't have just eaten dinner. there are E -Mart sales people in every aisle urging me try the various meats, vegetables, bread products and desserts. On top f the reasonably priced items,the free samples,and bargain two for one deals from the butcher, a little old Korean gave me free rice essence face mask for " my beauty" she  says. Kudos to  Korea's try before you buy attitude! But that's not the best part...Upon check out the cashier asks me if  I want to pay for it at once, I look at my friend Bella confused. She then informs me that I can put my groceries on a payment plan. Wide eyed I'm naturally surprised by this option. I smile and tell the the cashier that I will pay now. While laughing at my newest Korean discovery Bella looks at me and says so matter of factly " This is not America. This is Korea, you can do what you want!", gotta love it! In the mean time I've stocked my fridge and put up my super cute curtains from E-Mart. No more Korean peeping toms from across the alley.  That's the last time he catches me topless.
Since I'm blocked out of Facebok until the FB team igures out whats wrong with my email . I'm disconnected from most people.So in my down time at home, I decided to log into my beloved Pandora to listen to some tunes and to my utter shock and dismay Pandora doesn't stream to South Korea! WTF! Strike one! So then a little deflated I decide to watch a movie on Netflix's Watch Instantly application, and low and behold the service can not be accessed in Korea! Strike two!FML! So now I'm reduced to Yahoo Radio and calling  the Anyang the cable company immediately! Well, I guess it all cant be perfect!

Oh by the way I've been calling people and they haven't been picking up their phones! Listen people if I take the time to call you from the other side of the world, you damn well better pick up your phone. If it's an unknown number or a crazy number, pick it up, it's Me! Please people get Skype, it will make this sooo much easier!

Confucius say:  Before one moves overseas check your favorite sites for international access if not you will be mad like Korean with no Kimchi


  1. Tiff, these blogs have been very informative and educational for us future travelers. I look forward to hearing more about your experiences. I like the Korean attitude regarding! A package is on its way to address your movie & music issues. Thanks for introducing me to skype it is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your apartment has a Manhattan the colors and the wetroom. Enjoy and live life well, it all about you!

    Always reading,


  2. I always answer ur calls! Love you! Miss you more than you know!