Sunday, October 11, 2009

Atempting Korean...

So after countless hours this evening/morning of once again scowering Youtube for my favorite how-to-speak-Korean show... Let's Speak Korean with Lisa Kelly! I decided to give it a go. Putting my all into it ,  I practiced survival Korean phrases such as how are you?, my name is, nice to meet you, i am a teacher, where is the bathroom, thank you, sorry ,please, yes,and no.
As I watch and mimic Ms. Kelly and Arirang TV "skits" my step dad comes into the office and looks at me strange because, I'm sure what sounds like awesome Korean to me, sounds like a crazed deaf person yelling at the computer to him. He smiles and tells me to knock myself out. Umm... yeah maybe it doesn't sound as awesome as I tought. *Note to self: practice Korean with headphones, when no one is home.
I am determined to know some Korean before I step foot off the plane. I read about some expatriate teachers currently living in Korea who have been there for years and have yet to accquire the language. I refuse to live somewhere where I dont know what's being said to me or how to order a meal. I will not use and translator! I will not use a translator! I will learn basic Korean, with the help of Youtube and long sleepless nights. What better way to be productive in my insomnia.
Anyways, today I also found an African American girl who not only spoke Korean but sang Korean pop songs. I was impressed. Umm yeah, I will be striving to sing "Gee" in Korean six months from out! So until next time people...안녕히계세요 : (annyeonghi gyeseyo)!

Confucius say: one must learn the langauge of the country in which they live or one might end up eating puppy instead of poultry!

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