Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oh Monday Morning...

We come bearing gifts was the theme this delightful Monday morning, one of my co-workers gave me a ride up the  steep hill this morning. I was so greatful. Then after arriving to my office, on my seat I found a pair of green slippers on my seat with a note from my wonderful assistant teacher Ms. Kim! Then after settling in and copying hand outs for today's lessons a fellow teacher brings me a cup of tea and says "Good Morning!", if this is any indication of what the rest of the school year is like. I am never teaching in an American school again. Minutes later my students come to clean our collective office as they do daily before class. Once I've settled in, one of my students comes over to my desk and gives my a roll of Grape flavored Mentos, "For you " she says and smiles. After sharing my American Strawberry Mentos with her on Friday she decided to return the favor, I said "Gamsaha-mnida" I thne proof read her journal entry. She is sooo excited about English! I love it. The school bell sounds ( classical music) and off she goes to first period. Ms. Kim comes back to the office and tells me that every Monday morning the teachers have a meeting. My coworkers pull out their Hymn books and begin to sing and another teacher begins to play the piano ( yes we have a piano in the teacher's office)
After what seems to be an opening prayer by the Science department,  a few selected teachers stand up one by one reporting for the week. Lastly the VicePrincipal stands up and speaks to us, then introduces me. In my finest Korean I say " Annyeongha-seyo, Tiffany-imnida, Mannaseo ban-gap-ssuemnida, Gamsaha-mnida", surprised by my Korean they smile and a roar of clapping ensues. I bow and sit down. I like the collective morning meeting and the sense of community in the teachers' office. American teachers could learn a thing or two from their Korean counterparts. So me and my green slippers are off to class....

Confucius say: Kindness is but a way of life in Korea so Americans beware, they are so generous who cares if they stare.


  1. Green is your favorite color....the slippers are priceless! Korean culture and educational practices seem to agree with you! Are you rocking AKA color:)


  2. So they want you to wear slippers while you teach! That is hot! What's even funnier is that you still have them on outside in the pic.. is that Bella? She's pretty tall! What did you say during the introduction? OMG! I'm so excited.. Dania and I are making plans to visit already! What's the weather like?


  3. Yeah Kia it's pretty great! Oh she seems tall b/c her slippers are wedge heels, gotta love Korea. In the pic with me that's Ms. Kim my assistant teacher.It's beautiful here, the leaves are falling but it's 70 degrees outside.:) Can't wait to see you guys!