Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pocket Sized Korean Day...

Just a little was a lazy day around Anyang. I finally got out of slacker mode and unpacked. After unpacking I felt so good, that I decided to rearrange my apartment to make a bit more cozy and Feng Shui. Now I have a little living room area, moved my kitchen table and put new sheets on my bed. It's starting to feel like home already:). Then in the Martha Stuart spirit I made a quaint little Korean dinner for one. It's nice just being in my space and feeling at peace. During dinner I was listening to Yahoo Radio and I heard an announcement about hackers stealing people's Facebook accounts and then asking friends for money saying they are stranded in foreign countries. I have a feeling someone has phished my FB account. Please know I am FINE. So if you receive random notes or emails claiming I'm destitute in Korea and need money... trust I dont. :)Hopefully this FB issue will be resolved soon.
I had a blast with people on Skype today, I love you all and think I'm going to make Sundays( your saturday) my Skype Day for friends and family.  Speaking of technology I finally gave in a signed up for Twitter. You can find my Tweets at .
Well I'm off to put finishing touches on my lesson plans for tomorrow. Tto poepket ssumnida!

Here's a link to my video blog MTV cribs Korean Style...

Confucius say: Korean shower is like rectal cleansing for the first time...strange and a bit uncomfortable yet very refreshing...

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  1. Thanks for the MTV Cribs Korean Style tour. You are the "guru" of small space makeovers.
    Okay Ms. Fix-it,I am impressed! Gotta love the color schemes.