Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rice cakes, coffee and the indecent proposal !?!?!

Today I ate one of the staples in the Korean diet, the infamous rice cake. Now let me say prior to today, I was not such a fan of the rice cake. One of my co-workers Mrs. Pac made rice cakes for all of the teachers. In Korean culture if someone offers you something, it is rude to turn it down. So being a fan of  following Korean etiquette I accepted the rice cake. She then stood their waiting for me to taste the sticky green lump. Being apprehensive about tasting it, I bit in and began to chew Ms. Pac's gummy treat. Surprisingly, unlike the rice cakes I've had in the past this rice cake was still had the gelatinous texture but inside I found  a sweet powdery filling. Not only did I eat one, but I had another. Okay maybe rice cakes aren't that bad after all. Mrs. Pac then took me to the employee refrigerator where she pulled out a bag of Korean goodness. " I make" she said. Then proceeds to pull out two small containers of what smells to be the world's best kimchi. Additionally she pulls out  seaweed, more rice cakes and some sort of strange potted Korean meat. I think it's Spam. Did I mention Koreans LOVE Spam! I bow and say "Kimichi Moshisosoyo" and "Chinchol Hakunyo (my Korean spelling is terrible, but no worries I speak it well!) "Taedanhi Kamsahamnida".
My day was a little lax,since I only taught three classes today and they were all in the afternoon. Let's just say I was underwhelmed with today's classes. Mr. Oh barely understands me himself so it is very difficult for him to translate if need be during the class. Ugh! Just another motivator for me to become fluent in Korean. Each day I learn a few more words. My trusty pocket sized notebook and an open mind will go a long way. Speaking of the Korean language let me take you back to last night's language episode.
Flashback:After dinner last night with fellow English teachers in my department.... I invited them back to my apt for coffee. Only one accepted so I figured why not try a language exchange so I that could brush up on the vocab I learned that day. It was good times, we chatted in English then worked on my  Korean pronunciation and vocabulary. All was fine until I asked necessary survival questions for a night out on the town... like   "let's go for a drink",  and " do you want to come home with me?",  Oh no! Why did I ask that? After moving on to other phrases. Towards the end of our exchange he flips back in my book, and points to the above mentioned questions and said "do you need a partner for these things? Confused and lost for a minute I say " I buteyo" , he leans in closer and says" if you like to sometime, I would like to" . I burst out into laughter and say Ummm... are you trying to sleep with me? He replies with the Asian version of bedroom eyes, in his best English " If you would like, I would like very much to go to bed" and that was when I looked at the clock and did " the yawn"... but of course him not being American, he did not pick up on the  oh not so subtle It's time for you to go! So I then began collecting our coffee mugs and spoons and moving towards the sink. After he returned from the bathroom ,sat down, and began a new conversation, I cut him off with the oldie but goodie " Oh it's been fun! I will call see you tomorrow.. ok? " Eureka.... he gets its ladies and gentlemen. He collects his things bows and says thank you for the coffee.Relieved, I lock the door behind him and clean up the kitchen. Not the ending I imagined for my night, but it's Korea, strange things are bound to happen. So I tucked my indecent proposal away with my dirty vocabulary for a night when I need a good laugh. Well there's never a dull moment,that's for sure. So with that being said, I'm off for another adventure in downtown Anyang. Ayangigheseyo~

Confucius say: never mix  4 cups of coffee, 7 dirty Korean phrases,1 voluptuous foreign woman and 1 curious Asian man. It is recipe for unwanted advances.

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  1. American & Korean culture..... communication between man and woman-some things are the same LOL!

    Tea for One please!