Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oh the waiting...

Well yesterday, I put my little on the plane back to FAMU:(. I'm going to miss mini me. She is the source of my constant laughter and occasional asthma attack. So now I'm alone with my thoughts and into the countdown. I get a Skype call from my recruiter letting me know to call the Korean Consulate. I call them. They tell me to call back next week with my visa number, come in for my appointment, leave my passport and come back in three days for my Visa. Seems simple enough right? Now it's just a matter of the waiting...Ugh! For an impatient person... this seems like an eternity. So now I'm trying to be productive while in limbo, putting together respectable teacher outfits, learning Korean via Youtube ( who says it cant be educational),making time to veg out with friends and family, and putting in my loan deferral letters to the MAN. :) Maybe I'll start on my crocheting projects that Rachel got me. Nothing says loving like crocheted mittens with a Korean flag on the palm. Anyone want a crocheted beret, maybe long underwear with a poo flap?
Oh and another thing, I cant sleep! I stay up all night scowering Youtube for Korean lessons, talking to my recruiter and friends already in Korea via Skype.I sleep most days til noon. I'll chalk that up to trying to reset my internal clock for the upcoming time change.
So... here's to waiting!

Confucius say:  Waiting is like a bad hair do... in the beginning it's fun but as time goes on you begin to get nervous...


  1. Tiffany,

    Time can be your strongest allie or adversary!
    How one utilizes its attributes to succeed
    often exemplifies personal and professional achievement. Your time spent thus far, has been great preparation for new beginnings in Korea. Therefore, I look forward to a crocheted scarf; colors green and chocolate.

    Remember...patience is powerful, productive, and golden.


  2. Ms Diva,
    I enjoy reading yor dairy and gotta love technology. You never where life will take us. But,this will given me a front row seat into the Korean culture and taste of what it is like to travel around the world.

    Keep writing, researching and learning, your discoveries will surly dazzle us all!