Thursday, July 1, 2010

Monsoon Season and the Ashy Ankled Bandit

Now,I've been anticipating monsoon season since I got here. It's July, so I knew the torrential downpour was right around the corner.I KNEWwhat to expect.    I was warned and yet somehow I left the house this morning without my rain boots! Whyyyyyy did I do that? By time I got to school I had little pools of murky water in my favorite patent leather flats(strike 1). 축하 해요! As I mentioned before my school is up a steep hill, and situated at the base of a mountian. The downpour was no joke. Walking up the umpteen steps to the teacher's office I almost bit it. Tripping up the steps on a rainy day...NO BUENO! (strike2) At the top of the steps I took off my shoes and emptied my miniture lakes onto the sidewalk. Once I got inside I shook off  the rainy day blues and made it to my classroom without any major catastrophies, and relaxed. I ate my dry Honey Nut Cheerios ( Yay for Costco... that's another story) and started my Fall semester planning. When the bell rang, I was ready for action. Board games prepped, and lesson ready. As I was going over the phrase of the day I saw a student at one of the front tables staring at my feet. My students always stare at my tatoo, so I thought nothing of it.  When students were engaged in their groups playing their English Review board games. My oggling student raised her hand and called me over to her table with a worried look on her face. " Yes?" I said. " Ummm...( she paused for moment to think) ummm..teacher legs is sick?" " Huh? Sick? No,why?" I said  " Because teacher's legs "Hwite" color.(white) That's when it happened! I looked down at my legs after my cute black leggings stopped it was Ashiness for days!창피! (strike 3) womp..womp..womp, thanks for playing!
"No I'm ashy" I explained. Confused she scratched her head "Ashley?"." No, I'm ok" I said. She did a sign of relief, I laughed. There was no way I was going to have this conversation. So when the bell rang I rushed to my desk and moisturized my legs and feet thoroughly... "Ashley" the ashy ankle bandit was no more. From now on I know to do an "Ashley Check" on rainy days before class.

Confucius say: when rain is about and you are in doubt,lotion first ask questions later!

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