Friday, July 9, 2010

Dog Day Afternoon

Just finished talking to my old co-teacher. Did I mention how fantastic she is? She is also  always full of ridiculous misinterpretations and laughs. So she asked me about Soo Bin and her " injections". I told her that the vaccinations went well. She then told me about her dog Yoo Bi who is this cute little Maltese. "The other day Yoo Bi got the surgery". " Why, is he ok?" I asked. " I noticed that he was peeing strangee these days, like this" ( she lifted her leg). I almost lost it! " Oh you got him fixed!". Looking lost for a minute, "Yes he is not the man he gay?" Then I started cracking up uncontrollably. When I was able to choke back my laughter. " You got him neutered".  " Ooooh, yes noodled" she said. I'm sorry it was too funny I couldn't correct it. " Noodled?" I love it! She smiled and said"But, he is not angry with me anymore "     You remove a dog's balls... I'm prtty sure he's still mad at you, but you pick up his poop and feed him, so he grins and bares it!

Confucius says: Beware of taking your dogs balls without warning, the next victim might be your favorite shoes then you'll be the one in mourning.

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