Monday, June 28, 2010

India... Ahhhh!

So where do I even begin? Kate and I leave for India in less than 4 weeks. It ranks # 2 on the places I"ve always wanted to travel to,right behind Egypt. So needless to say hitting India before I'm 30 is a pretty big deal. Visions of colorful silk and desert winds cloud my mind while I can almost taste the spices in the air. I almost can't believe I'm going. Every few days I randomly scream " I'm going to India...Ahhhh!" The original plan was to explore Indonesia and Malaysia but after Kate read the BBC news (which is her source for most things), we found out there was some political unrest going on in Indonesia, so a little distraught we opted out of our original plan. While scowering Seoul for a reliable,English speaking travel agent, and reasonably priced tickets we popped into a random shop I happened to see in passing. The gentlemen were really nice and asked where we wanted to go. Our hearts had been sooo set on our Indonesian/ Malaysian trek we hadn't really bothered to think of any other destinations. I looked up at the world clocks on the wall, and one read New Delhi. I shrugged and asked " Hypoethetically speaking my friend... how much would it be to go to India?" "Oooooh India" Kate smiled. A few minutes later he quoted us prices for round trip tickets. We could barely believe our ears. It was definitely within our price range and on our favorite... Thai Airways! I looked at Kate, Kate looked back at me. " India?" we both said... and in that moment our destination was decided. " I guess we're going to India!" I smiled at Kate. " Ahhhhhhhhh... India!" we yelled.
So now we've purchased our tickets, mapped our travel route and are about to book our hotels.  A sneak peek at part of our itenirary: New Delhi:Taj Mahal/ Red Fort ,Jaipur:Amer Elephant Safari (you know how I love riding elephants), Jaisalmer: Fortress/Paatu Bar,Thar Desert Trek ( What? A trek through the desert on a camel... yes please!) and then a little beach time in Goa(possibly some more elephant riding :)
I'm sure there are going to be some unexpected twists and turns along the way. Waiting for trains that never come, making sure I don't drink the water on this trip, keeping away from punjabi scam artists, and securing suitable accomodations No matter what I'm going to roll with it. I hear when it comes to India you either LOVE it or HATE it.  I'm going in with an open mind and a cautious stomach. :) I can't wait for our Indian adventure to begin.
Ps. Mom thanks for the new camera. I can't wait to capture the world! I'm going to India in less than 4 weeks...Ahhhhhhhhh!

Confucius: We all travel the same journey, each of us just have different maps


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  1. Shaun say: "One who travels grows smarter with each step in a new land."