Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Journey

I have less than 24 hours to India and I'm super pumped! As always something always goes wrong. The dogsitter canceled on me today! Ahhhh, some excuse about a " last minute" trip to the east coast. By last minute, do you mean planned for months and just now feeling it was important to tell me. No worries Korea. I'm quick on my feet. I mustered up my best Korean and called local vets and pet shops to find a suitable place for Binnie. To my surprise, I found a place right here in Anyang to house her. Phew...crisis overted. I've been procrastinating hardcore on packing,( partly because there's no dryer, so my clothes take days to dry)but there's no time like the present. At 2 :30pm, I head to the tailor's to get our secret pockets sewn into our sports bras ( no pick-pocketing going on over here) then off home to pack and straighten up the apartment. Tomorrow, I'm off to the bank to make sure my bank card will work in India. I do not want another Thailand episode. Being on vacation in a foreign country with a bum bank card is no bueno. I'm beyond excited. I remember when this trip seemed so far away, and here it is the day before. I'm freaking out over here just a little bit! I'm India bound in 24 hrs. So crazy.
On a serious note, I talked to an old friend today. We caught up on each others lives and talked about journeys of the mind, heart, and soul. We talked about the things that changed us, the things that held us back and the things that helped us grow. Not to sound all self-help book-esque, but anyone who feels themselves floundering, remember" you were created to live life. So give everything, to this life you are living. Hold nothing back." Just my perspective.
 This year, has been one of  loss and renewal. I truly believe it is what you do with the failures in your life that define your character. In this moment, I could not be happier. My life as it is now, is all that I wanted. Life, love, travel. I couldn't ask for more. I was told by someone " You create the world in which you live, drawing positive or negative energies into your life". So this is me,sending positivity to all of you out there hoping that it makes a difference in your lives.
The journey that I take to India has been many years in the making. Like I said it's # 2 on my list of lifetime places to visit. As long as I can remember I've dreamed of wearing saris,camel rides though the desert, and seeing the Taj Mahal. I've never been to the desert. People say it has an unparalleled beauty. I'm sure I will burst into tears at the sight of the Taj. Life moves and inspires me. With a freed sense of self and another stamp in my passport I'm off to India. Til next time  ... Namaste

Confucius says: Life is like a good curry, it can be unyielding and fierce but delicious and satisfying. The task is to endure it all.

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  1. aiight, so i totally just creeped on your india pics and i gotta say, you didn't really sell it all that well:) i've seen *SO MANY* travel pics from expats that i was beginning to think there was something i might be missing. thanks for the reality check. please, please, PLEASE blog about this. i'm dying to read about it!