Monday, July 12, 2010

A little face time

Dear Korea,

I wanted to take a minute to talk about face care. I've seen just about everything here in Korea when it comes to skin care. In such an image conscious society, it's normal to see a Skin Food, Face Shop, Etude House, Tony Moly or Holika Holika  or every corner. In a place, where a visit to the dermatologist is only 6,000 won, you really cant be mad at that. There is a cream , spray, or gel for everything from peeling, bleaching, pores, wrinkles, toning, hair removal, to dark circles. If there is a skin or facial need Korea has the cream, gel, or spray  to suit you. I'm sure of that! A cute little sales girl came up to Kate and  I as we were perusing nail polish colors in Tony Moly and in her best Konglish " Help you?, 당신이 찾고있는 무엇?" Holding up a conspicuous tomato shaped jar " 해볼까요? 3 minutes don't touchee" Unbelieving we tried this mysterious tomato paste on our hands and some other lotions. " ku-lean-uh! no dirty..yes?" After three minutes of raiding the lipglosses and trying other products, the sales girl wiped off the paste to reveal an even toned and clean part of my hand. SOLD! Only 8,000 won.Asaaaa! We also decided on a face detox/exfoliating gel and a pore reducer/oil expectorant. I'm usually not one for trying things that sales people push on me. But these were all winners! Our cute and bubbly our sales girl made her way to the counter showing up numerous products along the way including a waterless bubbling body and face cleansing spray.What will Korea come up with next? I love Korea's " go ahead...try it!" attitude with products. I like to know what I'm getting myself into. I might have to cast my Biore aside. 감사합니다 토니 모 리! I know lately I haven't been Korea's biggest fan but the tides are a changin'.  I posted some pics so you can see the after affects of the products. ( Gold egg: pore cleaner/oil expectorant, Tomato: skin purifier and toner, Blue Gel: Skin Detox and Exfoliator ♥ )  Yes that's me with NO makeup! Ouch...don't stare too long at the screen. So what I guess I'm trying  to say is ...Korea is I'm sorry being being so hard on you! Thanks for the awesome facial products!
Love ,
Ps. This doens't mean I forgive you for not carrying my shoe size!

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