Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Morning and wonderful Sungmoon suprises

So it's Monday afternoon and I can barely concentrate. Good thing, I planned my lessons last week. So as I mentioned in my previous blog. This weekend is my Jeju-do getaway! I'm super pumped. Let's hope the weather keeps and monsoon season doesn't piss on my parade.  Anyways, enough with the travel blabber. So my new coiff  is a big hit with the students. I've gotten comments like " Oooh teach handsome hairuh", " Oh teacher beautiful lion", " So pretty Girl's Generation hairuh", " You are so berry beatipul now!" and my favorite while pinching her cheeks my student said" Big eyes. big hair, oh so very beautiful. I envy you!" lol. 
One of my favorite students came into class today and said " Teachuh you like my ba-ling  ba-ling eyes-uh?" " So pretty like Lady Gaga right?" Referring to her anime-esque looking  blue-grey contacts.
 I even had one student with turquoise contacts to match her new balances and her pencil, which she called her " sky blue set-tuh" Oh Korea!
It's all about the looks in Korea! Today I even got asked on a coffee date by a high school student when I taught a special class this morning. A class of all boys no less.  After teaching in the high school and seeing the enthusiasm of the students and their English ability I wouldn't mind teaching high schoolers.
Random note: The past few afternoons my school broadcasting station has taken to playing no, blasting Korean Soft Rock around 7th period. Let's just say Im less than excitied about this development.      I must say I love Mondays, they are really low key after a weekend of no sleep. However I am excited to actually be teaching again and not having my classes cancelled  every five minutes. I was a little tired of desk warming. My day is winding down and I've just painted my nails a spectacular shade of turquoise ( similar to my student's set-tuh), I can't wait to get home to book hotels for India. Speaking of India, the new passport pics Kate and I took  for our Indian visas on Friday are ridiculous. I look like Im 12 and Kate looks like one of those Russian nesting dolls. Dear Korea, please ease up on the air brushing and photoshop. No one wants to look like an Anime charcter. Wait ...I'm sorry I forgot it's Korea! Looking forward to another weekend of birthday celebrations and fun in the sun on Jeju-do. Until next time...

Confucius say: Anime airbrushin... it's what the people want!!!

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