Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Are you there 7 Eleven? It's Me, 티파니♥

 I'm not sure if your are aware of the 7 Eleven franchise phenomena throughout Asia. I saw a documentary on it, not too long before I left the states. It talked about how 7-Eleven's are dwindling in the states, but are booming in countries all over Asia. It's like a little piece of home no matter where I travel. Kind of like a landmark if you will.
For example, " Dude! I'm pretty sure this is a third world country, they're eating dog kabobs and I just laddled water into the toilet to flush it!" " Nope...there's a 7-11!" When in doubt always search for the trusty green, red, and orange "Oh thank heaven... 7 Eleven!" According to the documentaryYou can walk into any 7 Eleven in Asia and find a myriad of quality snacks from the home country in which it's situated, but also snacks from the UK and America. It's like the United Nations of snacking. ( Now I can only speak for  Thailand and Korea) Thailand's assortmert of snacks was pretty spectacular but Korea...EPIC FAIL! Their options for snacking are lacking! I mean don't get me wrong, sometimes you'll luck out and find Del Monte Fruit Cocktail or a Kit Kat (not to be confused the Korean knock off Kick Ker)next to the dried squid and Aloe juice,but those are isolated incidents. Korea keeps the ill lock-down on foreign snacks :(  I can't say that I'm ever in the mood for fruit in my "spam dog" thats been on the hot dog roller for hours or sweet red bean flavored pretzel. Womp, womp womp.
When I see the flourescent glow of the 7 Eleven sign I think of one thing and one thing only...SLURPEES!
I was sooo excited when I first got here and saw 7 Eleven! Unfortunatley,there are no SLURPEE machines in Korea! Every store I come across I peer in the window with hopeful eyes....nothin'. I'm surprised though, because Koreans are ALL about the ice cold treats! The icecream and popscicle game here is sooo serious!There are stores devoted to popscicles and iced treats. So why not opt for the SLURPEE  Korea? Then again Korea might bastardize the SLURPEE with flavors like Green Tea, Sweet Red Bean, or Aloe.It's mid July and what I wouldn't give for an ice cold cherry/cola SLURPEE! I can almost taste it. But no...I'm left to eat popscicles, Baskin "Lobbins" and 팥 빙 수 ( shaved ice, sweet read beans, fruit, icecream and cereal.I'm not knockin it ,Kate loves it, but it sounds like a stomachache waiting to happen!) I feel some type of way Korea. You bring Taco Bell to Korea (with no Chalupas, might I add) but no SLURPEE? What kind of madness it that? Is there some kind of  Asian anti-SLURPEE conspiracy Im not privy too? Is there someone I can write about this?
Well this "eventful" work day is about to end, so I'm left to walk home past three 7 Elevens and not one SLURPEE machine in sight! :( Until next time...

Confucius say: 7 Eleven with no SLURPEE is like Korea without KIMCHI...it's just WRONG!

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