Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oh really Korea...

 My Dearest Korea,

Today was a sad day for us both. We lost Fran,back to America. But once again you bring some laughter to my life, when on the train back to Anyang I catch a glimpse of none other the "kimchi merge".
Kimichi merge : the blending of the Korean female's clothing/accessories with that of and her male counterpart.Beware of this phenomena, if unaware, at first sight it can be daunting. Not only did they have matching phone charms well they were to big and furry to call charms, matching shoulder "satchels",  and wearing matching striped shirts but also sporting similiar hair cuts. I almost threw up in my own mouth. I wouldn't be suprrised if they were sporting the oh so popular matching underwear sets I see floating around local department stores.
Oh Korea how you encourage the emasculation of Korean men by producing boxer briefs in rainbow polka dots, satin, and stars to match their girlfriend's lingerie sets. You never cease to amaze or amuse me.


P.s. Korea don't ever ask me to wear matching cardigans and undies ...I'm just not into that.
P.p.s 1994 called it wants it's trend back!

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