Saturday, November 21, 2009


So don't get all freaked out by the picture. I am not pregnant. Nor do I plan to be anytime soon. However I did have a curious dream last night it might have been providence, or the curious pill cocktail prescribed by my  most trusty Korean physician. I was here in Korea and waddling around some archaic theatre complete with a chandelier, velvet seats and a balcony. Curls piled top my head, draped in jade jewelry, having contractions in a flowing navy colored Bohemian dress . My mother helped deliver my first child, my son as I continued to push and await the arrival of what I somehow knew to be my daughter. Amidst the pushing I woke up. My legs and torso still sore... Isn't that strange? So I immediately looked up the meaning of this online.
I found that the interpretation of giving birth means a new aspect of yourself is about to be born. It is your responsibility to develop this side of yourself. This is always a positive dream, as to allow a new aspect of yourself to flourish you must let go of whatever kept it suppressed. This dream usually comes after doing some developmental work on yourself.
In reading this....I have come to terms with  my new existence.  While finally settling into my new life  I am a bit nostalgic of my old life. However, memories are like carbon copies of the past. Etched ever so slightly upon the pages of my mind. But in time they fade... like all things.  The November air is cold and reminds me that winter is just around the corner, ad yet another season has come to pass. I know this post is not my usual mix of banter and comedy but it is something that needed to be expressed. This, here, now is my life, and I am contented. It has been an interesting road of obstacles that has brought me here. I do not regret the things that have brought me here. I am a better and stronger person for having made it through the meandering path. So after a month's time.... Korea has become a home I never thought possible.  As I dig my heals into foreign shores, I exhale and welcome my rebirth.

Confucius: the seasons shift and transform as do our hearts, they swell in rapture like the winds of change and await the tides of life

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  1. Much continued success and happiness in your new life! May the tides of developmental work in rebirth be your lighthouse.

    This was intense, you inspire us all.

    Gotta love the human mind and the power of words!