Thursday, November 12, 2009

my first love note to Korea...

In an on-again off-again relationship that I have since entered into with Korea , I have found many interesting, amusing and irritating idiosyncrasies about my love. So this is the first of many love notes from me to you Korea.

Dear Korea,

I love that your men carry "man bags"! This oh so "manly" accessory ranges from the leather understated satchel to the most flamboyant blingged out man "purse". I've seen many of your fashion forward country men sport these jazzy bags over the shoulder or merely carried like a purse. I'm not sure what to think of this Korea, but I do know this one thing. Ladies if you have to ask your man can you borrow his bag because it matches you pumps... this is No Bueno. Until next time Korea.... I love you and your kimchi.


P.s: the Beatles called,  and they want their hair back!

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