Thursday, November 12, 2009

Because of you

Dear Korea,
I'm reminded oddly enough of a Kelly Clarkson song " Because of You"...
Because of you, I'm always happiest with a "That's Y" or a " KGB" in my hand. You provide me with the conduit to make all my inebriated dreams come true. Take last night for instance. Late night happy hour at Psycho. A seemingly empty bar turned into a night of shennanigans and a day of hangovers for all involved. But without the Korean magic in the air last night, copius amounts of alcohol, chance meetings, knitted sweaters, bar top dancing, throw back hip hop jams and crazy expat teachers... it would have never been possible.


P.s: knitted moccassins and rouched sateen pants should never be in the same ensemble!

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