Thursday, June 10, 2010

Silly wagukenim...

Dear Korea,

Now you know I love you dearly but there is something I have to get off my chest. Just because you lure me in with your foreign wiles, waving ridiculous accessories and "strangee" cultral customs in my face doesn't mean you can treat me any old kind of way. I'd like to take a moment and dicuss the 13 reasons you feel that I, the wagukenim, and my fellow expats are not considered the real people:

1.Why are we bound by contract unable to change jobs if treated badly without being banned from Korea?   (  not speaking from personal experience)
2. Why are we unable to get certain free cell phones ( Me: " Why do I have to pay 250,000  won for a phone my students get for FREE?"  SHOW: " You have no choice! you are the foreigner!" Thanks real need to sugar coat it for me)
3. Why are we second guessed when our solutions are the most logical? ( This applies to most situations)
4. Why do you think it is ok to " WHOA" and giggle as walk by then stare without blinking for minutes on end? (Is it funny that we exist? Didn't your mom ever tell you it was rude to stare? Wait it's Korea.... NOPE)
5. Why are all of our medical bills not covered under out insurance ( Doctor: Oh you are sick okay... maybe your insurance doesnt cover... Me: why?  Doctor: Oh maybe because you are the foreigner Me: Hmmm...FML)
6. Why do adjumma think it's appropriate to touch our food or person at any given time to "help us" or "show us the correct way to do something" ( I know you think we are accelrated 5 yr olds but we grown people, so stop it)
7.Why is it every time we attempt to eat spicy food " you know this food? It is very spicy... Are you sure you can eat?" ( I'm pretty sure Korean food isn't what we'd call super spicy. Ps. We have more peppers in North America)
8. Why is it that Koreans think we came here to teach because we were unemployable in our native countries ( All of us have degrees, and some multiple ones with teaching experience.Just a thought why would you hire someone who wasn't employable anyway? C'mon let's think about it)
9. Why is it that we are put in sub-par apartments and expected to tough it for a yr or more ( once again I'm no speaking from personal experience, but I've heard some horror stories)
10. Why do you think it is acceptable to make our business YOUR business? I'm pretty sure it's none of youe business where we go after work, if  we have the Korean boyfriends/girlfriends or if we sleep in til 2 on Sundays)
11. Why is that basic services are inaccessible due to us being  foreigners? (websites, phone registration, etc.) I'm sure most of us managed our lives before we came to Korea we dont need a korean to hold our hands every step of the way.( You would think it would be important for our bank/credit card statements to be in English , and thats just the tip of the iceberg)
12 Why are you AMAZED and ASTOUNDED when we can understand the slightist bit of Korean. Especially when we have lived here fo half a year or more? ( It's not like we have a choice in such a homogenous country )
13. Lastly, why do you think it is appropriate to comment on our appearance. Anything from clothing to hair to weight?( Once again didnt your mom ever tell you " If you dont have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?" Of course not it's Korea)

According to Kate, Korea is the place that you can do all the inappropriate things your mother told you NOT to do when you were 5...but we're not the real people? Hmmm?

The answer to all of these questions is simple... " silly wagukenim you are not the real person"

Now, now Korea, don't get you hanbok in a twist I just wanted to tell you how I feel. Doesn't mean I love you less. I love you for you who are , the good, the bad and the ugly.
Until next time...

티 파 니

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  1. Hi, 티파니.
    My name is 영주 and I'm living in 안양( 안양2동:D ). A few months ago, I accidently found your blog and since then, I've visited regulary to read your posts. It's quite interesting because I can see Korean society through your point of view. And I always think you're so funny, kind, and adventurous.

    I know there are very annoying things you can hardly bear, and believe me, those things also bother many, many Koreans, too. Korea has been a very conservative, closed society for a long time. But I can tell you that it changes. Maybe it's not that fast but definitely, it changes not even socially but also politically.

    So, I really want you to know that someday Korea will be more generouns and open. And I also want you to wait and see those social, cultural and political changes with your warm, open heart.

    (And I follow your blog. Is it OK?)