Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wanna know a joke about a Waguk?

Dear Korea,

It's been a while since my last love letter to you.  I got the kimchi scented roses you sent lovely.  But as per usual, it's time for my four favorite words when  it comes to you. We need to talk! Now I know you are a homogenous country,but how long have "waguks" been a presence in Korea. Ummm let me check... quite a while. Something like the Korean War ring a bell? You've seen our faces time and time again and yet in still when we walk outside our homes, ride the train or ever...god forbid speak Korean you giggle, point and stare. Really? You laugh at me just for existing? That's some real a*****e  s**t!
I mean seriously, is it REALLY that unbelieveable that  we walk, talk, eat,shop, and travel all by ourselves. Contrary to what you think, we all had full adult lives before we came here and are quite capable of taking care of ourselves.I know it's hard for you to believe but we are REAL people. Another thing... we are NOT here for your amusement so stop screaming " Hi! How are you" and forcing impromptu language exchange. And stop watching us as if we are some crazy species of mammal in the zoo, and are about to do some kind of show! We are not minstrals. We are people! It's not cute and we are not impressed!
Wooh sah! I'm more ranting my love, just needed to tell you how I feel. It doesn't mean that  한국의 name plate necklace that said " 티파니" isn't as special. We just have some things we need to work on if you want this relationship to work.

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  1. I've started answering in kind if it's anyone younger than thirty (I consider that the "worldliness cutoff" hereabouts). Kid goes "Whoa! Weiguksaramnida!" so I say "Whoa! Hanguksaramnida!" and stare back. Childish, but it makes me feel better.