Monday, March 1, 2010

Oh the semester begins

Today started like any other, I got up, got dressed, had my obligatory cup of coffee, put on my ipod which was freshly updated (thank you Pita) and headed for the bus stop. Since today starts the new semester I'm sporting a my sparkly starfish earrings, a cute mini charcoal skirt, a white blouse, a black sweater, black opaque tights and chucks,. ( hey, it's Korea) On the walk I stepped out to Beyonce's "Diva", yes I was feeling myself this morning. I hopped on the bus, and few stops down the bus became filled with passangers. I love how in Korea they try and pack 90 people in a vehicle that is only meant for 45. Adjumas and agishis are backing their way onto the bus. "Ooohs, Ahhhs, and  Aishhh!" can be heard from the front of the bus. Shaking my head at this common transportation debacle, I pushed my way to the door and exit. While more Koreans piled on to the already packed bus,I walked by my favorite vendor, picked up some dak and prepared myself for the hike up that monstrous hill. By time I reached the top, I had almost sweat out my press and curl. Ugh...sometimes natural hair is not best. " I'm too cute to be sweating like this, this early in the morning" I mutter to myself as I reach the last set of stairs to the middle school. But I digress. I went to the restroom and tried to salvage my hair. Afterwards I went into the teacher's communal office to greet my coworkers. My new co-teacher  told me I looked  pretty in a skirt and thinner ( the usual) then asked me if I was ok and how my apartment was doing. I told her fine, and that the school office was sending someone by tomorrow to remove some mold that has taken up residence on the wall by my TV. "Mold?" she asks " what material is this? for decoration?"  " No you know mold, fungus?" I say. " Hmmm...sssch...molding?" as she points to the crown molding in the office " No!"  " You mean it is the paper?" she says . I shook my head. I asked another teacher who knows the situation to explain. " ahhhh..." finally she gets it! " "I will call the office and complain to them for you?" she asks " No they are coming tomorrow" I reply and shake my head "Nevermind". If this is any indication of what the new semester is going to be like, lord help me.  Did I mention she just got back from half a year of Intesive English Language study. You only understand 20% of what I say, and this was your university major and your intensive study focus...WTF?
Well there are also two new teachers in the English department, Mr. Kim seems a little strangee in the ( I'll cut you in into little pieces and put you in my kimchi freezer strange) while Ms. Park seems quite nice. She lived abroad in Polland for some time so she speaks English quite well. Asaaaaa! I have an ally. After settling in , I found out there was no class today! Ugh another day of desk warming and a wasted outfit.
Thank goodness I now have a class schedule, so I actually know who I'm teaching and at what time. They were very bali, bali with it. I was thoroughly impressed. The first day of the semester is always chaotic, and full of Korean ridiculousness. I am nervous and excited for classes tomorrow.Wish me luck!

Confucius says: When in doubt that your translation is understood, use lots of hands gestures, you should be all good!

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