Monday, March 1, 2010

" Do you know the Pashion Bag-uh?"

First off let me just say, when I first arrived 5 months ago I thought Korean "pashion" was oh so strangee. I think I've said before that Korean "pashion"  reminds me of the 80's and the 60's having a special needs child. But after a while  Korean "Pashion" is like an ugly boy, at first your like " Oh hell no! Don't even think about it";  but after persitant exposure you're like " well Maybeeee it's not that bad". It wears you down I'm tellin you. All the ridiculous things like, tacky phone charms, all the glitters, bows, opaque colorful tights, not matching at ALL, winter short-suh, or even an outfit that was put together for many occasions I dubb this " the sampler". For many reasons unknown Korean women and men throw together outfits and accessorize without  a conscious thought to color, sensibility or season. For instance I saw a woman on the subway with crazy permed hair, a glittery bow accessory, a pink hobo bag with a huge picture of Hello Kitty's face that said "Wink Cat", black curduroy short shorts,  navy blue tights, a lacey baby blue camisol over a black turtle neck coved by a white blazer  with a coat of arms patch ,  light weight hot pink scarf looped around her neck and topped of with a red puffy parka and brown stilettos with rhinetones on them. Where could she have possibly been going? Skiing, the gym, to work, out dancing? I got nothin! Oh she was definitely the "pashionista" ladies and gentleman.
 One of my most recent discoveries is the "no name korean purse". Koreans love their accessories and notably love their bags. You can get bags of all shapes, colors and sizes in  train stations, on street carts, or at random cutesy stores for.. wait for it only 10,000 won which is roughly about $8.70 USD. Not a bad buy right? What's in a name anyway? Now they may not be name brand but they are super cute. Speaking of a recent "pashion"  purchases, did I ,mention that I love Konglish on fashion items (Konglish is bad Korean Englishee, which you see often, on store fronts, accessories, and clothing) Case and point, in Myeongdong I bought the cutest blue leather satchel with the words" New York 5th Ayenue" stamped on it. Wow Ayenue? Really? I love it. Or a shirt I saw at E-mart-uh that said " Ther is a smile of happyness, I love the world in your heart. It shine forever days"  One of the most I.T. savvy countries and no one even thinks to do a spelling or grammar check before printing.Oh Korea!I love the korean compulsion to everything cutesy. Even if your aren't, you will be after living here. Oh and  just for your edification PINK is a universal color in Korea... it's not just for the ladies.
I'm going to blindfold myself in my closet and pick out a killer outfit with the go hard approach to "pashion" here.Who knows I might start a trend. From this day forth would deem Korean "pashion" as "retarded sophistication". Bryant Park eat your heart out!

Confucius says: when in  "pashion" doubt,  just turn the lights out, make a go for random clothes, You will be the "pashionista" as far as Korea goes

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