Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ok I've heard of gifts in kind, but gifts in meat?

Dear Korea,

Just a random note... yesterday on the train ride into Seoul I  saw a meat gift set. Now I'm not talking about a Hillshire Farms sausage and cheese set in a basket. However SPAM gifts sets are quite common here arounf the lunar new year. But,I'm talking about a meat from the butcher in a gift set box. Koreans are so strangee. " Oh Mi Jung, is having a baby...what to get?  baby clothes? a crib? too boring! Hmmm.... better go with that pig shoulder in a box...don't want to look stupid". I love that it's okay to give meat in a box as a gift. Not only was it in a box but it was in a gift box with a cow on the side and pictures of pork meat on the box with the words gift set in cursive... what no bow? I love that in Korea, meat products canned and otherwise can be elegantly packaged and given as a gift. Now that's classy! So next birthday, house warming, or bar mitzvah, don't be scared spring big and go for the meat! You'll be the envy of all your friends. Until next time keep your butcher on speed dial you never know when you're going to need a fancy gift of meat!


Ps. Packing SPAM in a pretty box does not make it any less, ridiculous. "Oh, heart disease... for me? You shouldn't have!"

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