Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Crime and Punishment at Sungmoon Middle School

I started off my this wonderful Thursday morning with my third year students.Oh joy! Let me say, they are NOT my favorite students by far. Most of them are lazy and barely want to participate in activities. What is it about third year students? They feel like it's their last year of middle school, so they better just sit here and not learn anything. Ugh! Usually I would dole out some sort of homework punishment, however that just doesnt wok with these kids. So as the saying goes " Let the punishment fit the crime".
Today my favorite group of slackers decided that they wanted to put on a show by shredding long strips of toilet paper and waving them in the air. The ring leader was a boy who gave himself the English name "Lisa". ( why correct it? too many hrs of laughter) Unamused by their creations but inspired by their need for attention I called their whole table to the front of the class. Interrupt my class will you?Well Tippani teachuh can put on a show of her own. I proceeded to make them put on an interpretive dance for their class while saying the phrases of the day. Boys leaped and arms flailed while they twirled tissue streamers about reciting " We walked across the bridge", We are very different from each other", " Do you understand me?". I even put on a little music. Now that was a show! You would think they had enough public embarrassment. Not quite after playing a few rounds of a vocabulary game they decided to be extremely noisy and steal orher students' materials. I called over one of my co-teachers over.I have since named him "the enforcer" from his physical discipline techniques. I ordered the boys to the back of the class, and told them to do 50 push ups. Afterwards  "the enforcer" made them sustain their own weight in a semi push up position until the end of class. Then as I was lecturing them on the importance of listening during class, he administered a communal spanking. In awe, I had to take a picture. I haven't seen anyone get a spanking in school since Darius Woods in the fouth grade. One after the other " the enforcer" doled out spankings while translating for me. What a muti-tasker! Just when they thought they were done " the enforcer" came back for one more round as I said my final words,rubbing their behinds the boys apologized and filed silently out the classroom.
Now that's what I call discipline! Did I mention I love teaching in Korea?

Confucius say: Beware of making spectacles inTippani Teachuh's English class, because the price you pay might be your ass


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