Thursday, March 25, 2010

Are you Serious..?

So the other day after work I took Kate care for a " feel better I know your school sucks and your students are slow and bad as hell" dinner. Because sometimes Korea takes you there! I know my co-teacher has a number of times.  We went to Namo, a restaurant recommended by one of my coworkers. The menu was all in Korean. So I really had to work for my dinner. After perusing the menu I decided to order the spicy chicken pasta and Kate picked a cream pastae . We called our non-English speaking waitress over to clarify a few things on the menu. Just to be cautious Kate asked " Gogi Isoyo?"  (Is there meat in this?) ""Borago?" She looked confused " gogi" Kate replied. Still, our waitress was at a loss. She then said "Ah! " and did a wiggle movement. Wtf? Kate and I looked at one another. She repeated the movement, then said the Korean word for prawn. "Oh okay, Igoyo" said Kate. After leaving the table, Kate said" Did she even speak Korean? I shrugged my shoulders. Namoo was a cute little restaurant over looking a park in Anyang. Stylish yet cozy... it was complete with pointsettas and Christmas's March. My favorite,was the sign in the window saying,Wishing to you! Wishing me what? We got our obligatory pickles because nothin' says Italian like pickles. Let me just say I was less than impressed. Remind me never to take a Korean's recommendation on Western food ever again. As our meal was winding down Kate was pulling apart a jumbo prawn on her plate when the waitress grabbed Kate's fork and pasta spoon out of her hands and began beheading Kate's prawn for her. Wow really? She was like " Here, let me take that silly wagukinim, you do not know the proper way to eat the prawnuh"  Kate still baffled as to why the waitress thought it was okay to take her silverware and  was clearly annoyed. I couldn't help but laugh. "  You know they think we are retarded right?" she said. "Yeah I know, a whole bunch of special needs wagukinim teaching their children...all you can do is laugh"
Across from us sat a group of girls taking cutesy pictures in true Korean fashion. They ordered the Pasta and "Picha" set-uh which is very popular in Korea. Within minutes they were nomming on pickles and chewing so loud, I'm sure the pedestrians in the park heard them. Our lovely waitress came back and asked if we wanted dessert. I said yes, she gave me the menu then quickly took it back. I guess maybe she thought I should do without he dessert. " Service Coppee" she said " Ney" I replied.When the coffee arrived Kate and I asked for milk. "Ooyu" Kate said. Confused once again. 'Borago?" said our waitress. Kate repeated herself one more time. The waitress cocked her head to the side and did the Korean "sccchhhhhh" "Ande" she replied. "Hmmm no milk or cream in this restaurant? I'm sure they used milk or cream to make that sauce... but whatever" Just as I resigned myself to drink black coffee, our wonderful waitress returned with a small steaming silver pitcher. Cream! Asaaa! Then suddenly she shoved it in my face putting it under my nose. " chuaheyo? Really you wanted to make sure I smelled it? She then poured the cream in our coffees and waited. I looked at her... she looked at me..." Oh " I took a sip. " Mmmm...delicious" she said " Ney" I said as I shook my head.  She handed us the check and walked away.Wait she knew delicious but not milk. wtf? Dining out in Korea is always interesting experience, gotta love it.

Confucius say: Pasta is not pasta without the pickle-uh,  better have them or Korean taste buds will be fickle-uh!

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