Monday, March 15, 2010

Korean parking wars

So the other day on my walk to school  I saw little adjuma jumping out of a truck taking pictures of vehicles. At first I was confused. Why are these little old korean women getting picture happy with cars at 7: 45am in the morning. Did I miss something?
Then I saw them pasting parking tickets on vehicles and then snapping photos. These adjuma were speedy like samaurai and getting with it. An agishi came out of a convenience store yelling obsenities...too late for you agishi, they got it on file!
Too bad, soo sad. Better get up early if you're going to outsmart the parking adjumas.

Sorry Philadelphia Parking Wars, Koreans have one up on you they take pictures of the cars with the ticket on it. " Oh what's that? you never got a ticket? Sike your mind ! Take a look at exhibit A agishi!"

Confucius say: beware of  speedy parking adjuma and their cameras too, next ticket they snap might belong to you!

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  1. they do the same when they take the blow sighs in front of stores... lol take picture than take in and trash!!! LOL