Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Do you know the Story?

Dear Korea,

You know I love you but I have to ask...
What is your obessession with calling everything a story.
I've seen shirts with kittens saying "delicious story" or "happy story". There's the infamous Storyway train stop snack shop,  and most notebook covers are printed with some kind of animal, fruit, love, memory, or friend story.
I even saw a restaurant named "Noodle Story" but it was definitely a chicken and beer place. I'm not sure about the Korean compulsion to deem everything a story. It's amusing if nothing else.
I've seen a number of stores with the word story in the name. Is it just to make the name cutesy? I thought  maybe they just added a "y" , like when my students say class was funny instead of fun.
On my way home on night I came across this....
"Gag Story" Mart. I thought it had to be a comedy shop but that seemed unlikely because from my personal experience, Koreans don't have much in the ways of a sense of humor. Looking closely I saw it was  a diner/covenience store. Never would I eat there, let alone buy food from a place called "Gag Story" Mart.
Well I'm not interested in any Gag Stories or Delicious Stories  but I'm always up for a good laugh.
And for that I thank you.

 티 파니 선 생 님

Ps. Cats? A Delicious Story? I have to wonder if the old myth about cats isn't true

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