Monday, September 27, 2010


It's so crazy how Korean people,children especially are fascinated with body hair. I don't really understand the "Whoa!" factor. I've seen hairy Koreans. Like adjeoshi or younger men with not so much leg hair as patchy "plots" sporatically growing on their legs. Yes it is rare to see a Korean man with facial hair.However lately I've seen a few beards on the subway. It's strange.
But Koreans are no stranger to hair! I've seen countless mustaches and overgrown eye brows and nose hairs for days.
My students are AMAZED with my arm hair and try to "pet" it when I am trying to help them with their work. My girls constantly try to sneak up on me and run their dirty fingers through my hair. I AM NOT IMPRESSED! Nor am I some Waguk Barbie. I constantly have to tell them to keep their hands to themselves.  I once asked my special needs co-teacher why my students are so enamored with my arm hair. " You know the Korean people ( as most Korean lies start off) are not hairy! We do not have hair like the foreigners" As her upper lip is weighed down by and extra-thick mustache. Korean men might not be hairy but the women sure are. At least foreign women have the sense to pluck, or wax mustaches instead of cake them with concealer.That is no bueno. The little mirror/comb combo thats seems to be so popular these days is not to comb your mustache or shape your eyebrows ladies. it's for your bangs. I've got an idea. Instead of little mirrors with combs Korean beauty stores should invest in developing  little wax strip/lipgloss compacts. I'm sure they would sell like Spam kits during Chuseok!
Next time someone pets my arm hair like a dog or tries to finger F&%K my freshly styled coiff,I'm going to grab their little Korean mustache hairs and pull for dear life. Until next time...

Confucius say: When there are Korean claims of hairlessness beware. Because I'll be after your bushy top lip with a bottle of Nair!

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