Sunday, September 12, 2010

The 90's

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The 90's are back in full affect!
In Korea the 90's are back HARD like Winona Ryder in  a Reality Bites or Tia Carrere in Wayne's World type of way!
Cut-off shorts, baggy shirt/sweaters hanging off the shoulder,combat boots, 501 mom jeans. Crowds of Koreans who think they're DOIN' IT, in woollen V neck jumpers, either on or tied to the waist,tears in the jeans topped off with prom shoes.Numerous faces of pale makeup with smokey eyes and bad dye jobs. It's like a continuous episode of Melrose Place or 90210. Me personally, I'm not one for the re-vamping of 90's fashion! You won't see me in a romper, stone washed jeans,ripped tights, an over-sized t-shirt reading NOT!, lining my lips or rocking a scrunchie! That's all you Korea!
No thanks! I'm not sure if it's just Korea or Fashion in general. NowI know its the nature of fashion to recycle but the 90's? Really?
I'm sooo not impressed! Til next time...

Confucius says: Beware of the 90's wave washing over your local retail stores, dont get caught with a scrunchie in your hair or stone washed jeans. What not to Wear will be knocking at your door!

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