Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chuseok~ and Lesbian sex books?

This past week we celebrated Chuseok ( Korean Thanksgiving).  Originally I was a little depressed because Kate and I couldn't plan a mini-vacay due to our conflicting days off. I had to work last Monday ( I use the term "work" loosely) while Kate got to sleep in, and I had Friday off and of course she had to work. We tried to fanangle a 4 day get away somewhere. We played with the ideas of Taipei or Hong Kong. We finally decided to go to Hong Kong since I was keen on checking out Disneyland Hong Kong and Kate was excited about the shopping, but alas it wasn't meant to be. The return times coupled with the exhorbited price of returning flights from Hong Kong just didnt seem worth it. Bottom lips poked out we decided staying  that Korea was our best bet. A few days later we while having morning coffee,and watching CNN Weather there were reports that a typhoon had hit Hong Kong and a hurricane had swept over Taipei. We would have had a soggy Chuseok adventure, and thats no fun for anyone. At first I wasn't excited about the Chuseok mini break but it definitely started to look up last Tuesday night. I had a little dinner party at my aparment, where my friend Tina so graciously offered to cook some Thai specialties. Her green curry and Chicken Satay were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! After everyone had their fill...some more than others. We half-assed played Dirty Minds. We did our usual mini-rant about Korea and how ridiculous it is. However somewhere in between the cheese and crackers and the appetizers the night got more interesting when my friend Ricky picked up my Complete Guide to Lesbian Sex Book and started reading passages. That's when things got RIDICULOUS. " Maybe you should give seminars on this stuff... men need to know" I agreed with my friends. They could learn a lot from their Sapphic counterparts. Page after page, the room errupted in laughter as we theorized sordid sexual situations , munched on Krispy Kreme doughnuts and drank Moscato out of Dixie cups ( classy right?). Who knew chuseok dinner+A Lesbian Sex guide could =so much fun?  The dinner party turned into a wrap session which carried into the wee hours of the morning. I'm sure this was the most risque Chuseok dinner conversation this side of the Han river.
The party was a sucess and I'm sure we all learned a few new sexual tidbits. It was great way to start off my mini Chuseok Vacay!
What's on the agenda for the Christmas party...egg nog, Christmas cookies and an S& M demonstration?
 I love my friends...never a dull moment. Until next time...
Confucius says: To spice up a dinner party or next office picnic, pick up the next edition lesbian sex guide that shoul do the trick!
( I'm sure you wouldn't find this tip in Home Living or Martha Stuart)

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