Monday, October 4, 2010

Co-teacher Rant!

Ok so it's Tuesday morning and my co teacher is already causing me grief coming into my classroom. Really? It's not even first period yet! She comes in with a paper showing me dates and times saying " Oh these are Korean classes offered by the government for native teachers the vice principal and I think you should go. It is your duty. It will be good for you!"  First of all, I'm an adult and what I do in my free time after work is my business. I'm pretty sure there's no stipulation in my contract that says I have to attend Korean classes.So no it's NOT my duty!
 I smiled and said thank and explained I do other things during the week. What I wanted to say is " You should have taken advantage of those English classes in your teaching program! That would have been good for you! "But I don't believe in being an a**hole before I get my morning coffee.
I'm already not a fan of her, she just insists on making things worse. I try not to be an all out jerk, but that does not stop her from being a whole douche. She's taking me to the point of no return.
I truly miss my old Co-teacher Ms. Kim. She was fantastic. Her English was great, and she treated me like a REAL person. Ms. Kim was a great buffer to ease me into my first 6 months in Korea. I am sure that if I had "The Jeon" when I first I arrived I probably would not have stayed.
That's the risk you take coming to Korea. Not all co-teachers will be like " The Kim".
I think what irks me about my current co-teacher is the she's in her 50's, just finished English education training, barely understands English and yet she treats me like I'm the RETARD! I'm more qualified and mentally equipt to be her supervisor. If anything I'm over qualified to do this job, but I do it because I love it! Where as she is my supervisor, she can barely speak English, she's a terrible teacher, and has no concern for others.  She constantly "checks-out" while I am teaching. The students complain and say " can we just have you and not "The Jeon" teacher? I wish! On a daily basis she gives me mis-information and sometimes flat out lies for her own benefit. She makes my job that much harder!It is truly taking everything in me. to be respectful and not rip her a new one! But  I'm never one to let small minded individuals get the better of me. So as I drink my coffee and mentally strangle her I think of being scolded by the principal this morning for not doing her job. Next time she comes at me with bulls**t  I will take a deep breath smile,"wooo-sahhh" and laugh inwardly at her mustache. Til next time...

Confucius say: When peons annoy you and start to speak, smile  and think... it must be so sad for you, you've reached your peak!

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