Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Semester begins...

I'm sometimes amazed at what a nerd I am
It was bright and early Wednesday morning. After having an unrestful sleep I woke up anxious as if  it were my first day of school not the students'. I put on my "super teacher" black dress complete with yellow power sweater and turquoise pearls ( ok, maybe not so super or poer but they're my favorites) I took down my hair which I had so time consumingly curled last night to perfection. I was ready. With one last glance in the mirror I dashed out the bathroom, grabbed my purse, ipod and umbrella and I was out the door. However what I wasn't ready for was the unbelievable humidity and torrential downpour at 7:30am. By time I made it the few blocks to the bus stop I could feel my make up running and I knew it was over for my hair. So, a less than chipper Tippani teachuh made it up the hill a great deal wetter and sweatier than anticipated. Not a good combo on the first day of school. Before greeting my fellow teachers I made a B line for the ladies room which smelled of old mop water and Old spice. Maybe the cleaning adjumma changed her aftershave. I looked in the mirror and instead of the fahionable diva who left the apartment only 30 mins ago , a haggart , soaked  very frizzy homeless woman stared back at me. :( Thank goodness for my make up bag, a spare brush and a mini flat iron in the bottom drawer of my desk. In under 15 mins I began to see an inkling of my former self. After saying my hellos to colleagues and  answering a million questions about my vacation I attempted explaining my India trip to the English teacherswho barely speak English...go figure! It was part English, part Korean with a whole lot of charades in between to explain words/situations that were entirely too difficult to try and translate. I headed up to the "English Zo e" my "n" broke over the break! The day was uneventful. My classes were cancelled. All that planning and no students :( Surprise, surprise. That's Korea for you. Greeted by students bowing ( that never gets old) to students screaming my name down the hallway and waving "Tippani Teachuh"! But alas no class for the Tippani, so I made use of my free time by playing on FB and lesson planning for the coming weeks but then I was distracted by an overwhelming urge to make "Korean Bingo". It's like Walmart Bingo but better! Who wouldnt want to scour the city looking for an adjumma with green hair , an ajeoshi bar fight before 6pm, or a girl with pockets hanging out of her short shorts! I thought it was a great idea! That was the end of anything school related right there! Great start to the semester, go me. I cant say that it was my finest moment as an educator but whatever's desk warming don't judge!So if you're in the Anyang area on Saturday and wanted to do drinks and Korean Bingo. I'm there like a Korean at Costco before Chusok.
Until next time...

Confucius say: When one feel the agnst of desk warming limbo start to creep kick back, grab your Snuggie and start counting sheep

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