Sunday, February 7, 2010

Let's call this an intervention

Dear Korea,   I mean seriously let's take a moment and REALLY think about your choice of "pashion" displays for the public.( after a student of mine called fashion...pashion, I will hence forth refer to it as such)   This is NOT okay. You are setting the standard for the Korean public... this says " Hey this outfit is jazzy, you should buy it" but in the real world this outfit says " WTF were you thinking? " Was the clown wig really necessary? I think Koreans do a great job with ridiculous hair styles without needing wigs.This is was definitely not a good idea. In perusing Korean "pashion" displays one might think " Oh... did you color blind, special needs cousin dress you? Hmmmm.... Secondly let's talk about my friend the Korean "Prince"  I found on the  train right here in the tan jacket...if you can call it that. His double ponytail dusted off from 1991. I think might even have had scrunchies in (Note: scrunchies are still alive and kicking in Korea by the way... I'll send you some Fran!) Do you " noticfy" ( a gem I got from Kate's Korean teacher) the magical fur on his the collar of his coat that looks like two gerbils mating? Or maybe his skin tight blue sateen pants.... oooh 칙 차 ㅣ포! This outfit is definitely not for the ladies...this tame compared to other outfits I've seen this week. Lastly, I'd like to take a look at my friend I found in the shopping complex underneath Anyang train station. When I saw this magical clothing combination, I knew I had to share it with you. A blue Engrish hoodie that said " I an super boy, my happyness is for smiles" wtf? A  "ladies" knitted zip up hoodie, tiger print valour pajama pants and shower slippers 3 sizes two small . Did I mention it's winter in Korea! What was he thinking? He got dressed and was like 아 사... there's no way this isn't a good idea! Now I know some Korean pashion can be alluring and even cute but these displays definitely have to go in  the 파 보 갘 애  file. Consider yourself issued 4 pashion violation tickets ( two for the old skool double pony)
Utnil next time korea....

Ps. next time go with the Panda slippers instead of your sister's shower shoes.... don't wanna look stupid

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