Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You like that magic...Mashisoyo?

So recently I find myself eating extremely Korean things. I remember when I first got here and the thought of anything with seaweed or rice cakes skeeved me out. Well let me just say, when in Rome...
So first off there is the ooey gooey  duk stick ( that looks like an oversized glue stick), when lightly pan fried in oil for a few minutes... it's awesome, next is the oh so tasty Ho Duk which is the Korean equivalent of a funnel cake in pancake form with cinnamon inside .. Nom, nom, nom Or let's talk about my compulsion to pour or wrap anything in seaweed." I've become a Gim hoe.. thanks Kateuh!) Mashisoyo! Anyone who knows me knows I like to keep my food groups separate from one another. Mixing is not appreciated...well that is until I came to Korea.  One of my all time favorite Korean snacks is "Isaac's toast". It is a sandwich with toasted honey spread on both sides, a scrambled egg with bean sprouts and peppers, a galbi patty( beef possibly pork meat who knows it's Korea), fresh cabbage, some mysterious green looking fruit jelly, and strawberry jam, complete with a slice of cheese. Now I know that sounds like a McStomachache but its party in my  mouth and only Im invited.Any other time I would have said  " fruit, egg, and meat on one sandwich? Ummm. no" Who knew it would be so delicious..not me.  But make no mistake I've had a guide on this ever changing Korean snack journey... Kate-uh an almost native( she's a gim hoe herself).You now it's bad when you  and your friends want a midnight snack and are craving fried rice cake or gimbap.
Kate who is by definition a " Kyopo" understudy has talked me into eating a number of strangee Korean snacks, with a smile saying face she says " Oh Chincha Mashisoyo" . With an open mind and palette I agree, open my mouth and hope for the best!

Confucius say: Put down the American treats and get with Gim and duk , lots of tasty Korean treats for  just under a buck

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