Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The other day I hit up the "Big Size" a clothing store in Itaewon which is for anyone who actually looks like a real woman and isnt shaped like a pre-pubescent boy. I was trying on dresses and looking for jeans because all the jeans I own are too big.
Side note: I saw the pastor from my school the other day and he asked me " Tippani are you ok?" " Yes, why " I responded " You are looking the thin, these days are you eating?" he asked.  Of course Im eating... look at that hill I have to climb everyday. Even Ruby would look different after months of that.
In a country that is so OBSESSED wit appearance, it's a crazy thing to witness. It's a shame really but my Korean co-workers comment on it ALL the time. I get the top three questions 1. You are looking like you lost the weight...Are you ok?  2. Do you not like the Korean food? 3. Are you sick these days?
But I digress to the clothing store appropriately names BT OK! ( Big and Tall Ok? Really though? As if Koreans are saying "Oh you are the big and tall... Ssssscch... maybe it is Okay!") At BT Ok! trying on pants I come across a little rack of shorts." Oooh these are Ipo" I say. I've been going back and forth whether or not I was going to buy shorts all winter. I put them down and said I'll get them next time. The shop clerk said " ssssch...winter is almost over no more shorts after these!" Let me fill you in on the shorts swearing phenomenon in south Korea. Shorts are worn in winter here with sheer or opaque stocking and boots, chucks or heels. But then complain of it being cold.. " Oh chuahai!" You could just opt for pants....I know when you think shorts you think summer right? Shorts in the winter ...WTF? You might ask. That's right, in the dead of winter you see Korean women young and old sporting short shorts. Like that?... better not. Trust me I think it's strangee  too but when in Rome...
I have yet to sport my shorts but I promise to post a pic when I do.

Confucius say:  In bitter cold , better put on shorts and stockings, put the pants down you  don't wanna look stupid now do you?


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  2. LOL! I saw at least three asians in NYC this last week wearing shorts.. The woman who was walking in front of me was wearing black shorts with navy blue tights, a white belt and purse with a small hoodie... It was at least 25 degrees!!!! They keep it going in the states! So funny you wrote that! I wanted to tell her so bad that her tights were showing at the top but I left it alone and wrapped my scarf tighter. AHAHAHAHAHAAAA

    Kia :)