Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Half Year mark! Asaaaaa!

So in a few hours I will be starting my 6th month in Korea. I can't believe half a year has passed by so quickly. I blinked and the weeks flew by. I can say that yes, I do miss family and friends, but this was indeed the best decision. I needed some redirection in my life. It's strange to look back and see my old life. It seems so foreign. It's hard to believe that was me, because  now  I feel like like more like myself than I've ever been.
I always said that living overseas, I am the best version of myself. I truly believe that. I become more Korean each day, and with each crazy ensemble worn or Korean phrase uttered, a little piece of the American me dies. But as Kate would say or rather sing " and I'm proud to be an American!" I love my homeland but living there just isn't for me. My life has changed soo much and I love every minute of it. I wake up excited about the adventure that awaits me...well, I'm excited after I have breakfast and a cup of coffee. I have no regrets about packing up my life and moving to the other side of the world. Friends and family are only a skype call, email or plane ride away! Thank you to those who have already visited. It has meant A LOT to me, and I'm excited for those who have made plans to vist this coming Summer and Fall :) I must admit I do miss being a part of my friends' and family's everyday life :) Please,don't forget about me! I promise to continue to Skype once a week!
I'm so busy with work, tutoring, Korean class and living, that I sometimes neglect my blog. I will try to be better about that! Know that I am loving my life and enjoy living it every moment of it! I wish this kind of happiness to all my friends and loved ones in SoKo and stateside. 사 랑 해 요!

Lots of love and digital hugs,
티 파 니

Ps. If life gives you a chance...Take it. If it changes your life...let it!


  1. Enjoy life Tiffany, I wish you continued happiness, good health, and prosperity.


  2. I'm so happy that YOU are so happy!! Congrats on the 6 month mark - I cannot believe it has been that long already!!