Thursday, April 29, 2010

Click, click!

I have decided that there are soo many ridiculous things that I miss photographing because I'm too busy laughing.
 So my new resolution is to photograph first ask questions later. I can not continue to let these golden moments pass by without documentation, because sometimes my recollection and storytelling does them no justice. There was never a truer word spoken than " A picture is worth a thousand words". Just in case you were wondering if my Fuji camera would, cut it... well, it wont. I'm going to be real Korean about it and get the most ridiculous camera ever, and play "Photo shoot" whenever possible :)
Another moment I wish I would have captured: The not so sober subway studier
Last night on my way back from Korean class, as I exited the train car, and passed other open cars I saw a young man sitting Indian style on the train car floor right in front of the door with his notebook and various study papers sprawled out on the floor in front of him. To add to this ridiculousness, he had the nerve to have a beer in his lap. "It's late, I'm kinda tired, but never too late to open a beer and have a study session on the train!" Now study rooms are quite prominent in Korea. Only a few thousand Won for a couple of hours. I guess this guy figured, that he'd better get his 1300 Won worth of this train ride and bust out his study materials. I know Koreans use the transit system for many things such as selling various items, watching tv and social sleeping, but now the train is a mobile impromptu study room. Nice! Good job on use of multi-functional spaces Korea!

Confucius say : On the train, when the need to study is without a doubt clear push the adjumma aside and open a beer!

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