Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Resolve

I've been so busy living my life ...I haven't found the time between work, class, tutoring and living life to actually document it. My June resolution is to try and blog at least twice a week. the key word being "try".  Truly there are some very ridiculous things Iv'e been meaning to share with you all, but I write the ideas on a napkin or in a random notebook and say " I'll do it later" then later turns into " I'll do it next week", next week turns into  holy *&%# it's almost June and I haven't blogged since the end of April! I should be ashamed of myself.  Let me see if I can catch you up in 100 words or less:                                             Since April : My mom visited and that was the highlight of my Spring. We had an amazing time. Everyone at my school loved her and her "pashion". My mom grew to love Choco-cakes form Paris Baguette and Gimbap. We found my new favorite art studio together in Insadong, which I now frequent once a month to make some kind of pottery. We took ridiculous Korean photos and made so many memories. I never knew how Korean my mom really was until living here, she loves it! Even though I loved seeing her, her visit made me miss friends and loved ones that much more. I'm looking forward to Ty's visit in the Fall.                                                              I bought a sweet ride! A lime green vintage inspired bike on which I plan to get " 처 는 후 스 르 아 라 요 ? 트 흐그? " I'm a hoostla,you know a tug?"                                                                                  Courtesy of Korean"tugs" everywhere !                                         Let's see... Oh I've accquired a new member to my Korean family her name is "Soo Bin" ( pronounced Sue Bean) she is a cute little pup who's butt I have to beat on the regular for peeing on the floor. Thank goodness for linoleum. Any potting training tips are much welcomed.:)
Oh I had three root canals and I was in bed for a week with a terrible inflammed lower vertebrae. That was NO BUENO! But I'm feeling much better now...just waiting for my new bed!
Korean class is coming along. I'm actually starting to understand what they are saying at teacher meetings instead of looking lost. Thnaks Eun Jung sonsangnim!
Right now I'm planning my summer vacation with Kate. I'm super pumped. Indonesia and Singapore, possibly Malaysia if we have time. I am going to travel below the equator. Ahhhhh! I've only ever dreamed of experiences like this... now I'm living them.
I cant believe it's about to be summer. The months fly by so fast. Before you know it I will be at my year mark! Ok well now that you're up to speed I don't know if  I didnt that in less than 100 words but you know me... I'm long winded.
So from now on be on the look out for more blogs on a regular basis. And more ridiculous stories from South Korea 찰 가!

티 파 니 <3

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